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Akai MPC 2500LE Limited Edition # 431 / 500

Friday Aug 26, 2016

2500 “Here is a Akai MPC 2500 limited edition #431/500. Unit is mint like its never been used in original box and still has screen plastic cover. Comes with original box and power cord. Feel free to take a closeup look at pictures

Akai Pro EXM 128 MB ram card installed

Akai Pro CDM25 CD-R/RW installed

80GB internal hard drive ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL

Friday Aug 26, 2016

2k_xl “In WORKING Condition. Nearly new looking with very few marks to the paint – almost no scratches are visible. NOTE VARIATION slider does slightly lean to the left but OPERATES perfectly. There is a sticker on the left side of the unit.” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM

Friday Aug 26, 2016

mpc2k “I have for sale the Akai MPC 2000 Classic, it’s in mint condition and comes with the 32mb ram but it doesn’t have the 8 outs. It comes with the manual, O.S Disk and a Midi Cable.” Link

Akai MPC 60II with OS3.10e, SCSI, External Zip Drive

Friday Aug 26, 2016

mpc60ii “MPC 60 MKii, with internal zip drive, a backup external zip w/ proper scsi connection, 30 unused zip disks, power cable, sample cable (1/4th inch), stereo 1/4th in to RCA cable (MPC to DJ Mixer).

About: This is a full sampler setup looking for an experienced or new producer to rock! I have owned and produced on this machine for 3 years and had fun using it, I installed the max upgrades personally and worked its program from 2.1 to 3.10e however I am streamlining my studio equipment to new devices. That being said this machine is holding a new internal zip which I personally installed less than a year ago, has full internal sample memory upgrade (26.2 seconds, a zip holding 5+ program folders), 8 outputs, functioning LED, and the updated 3.10e program making its system equivalent to the MPC 3000. I will throw in a zip with 4 separate drum kits which I sampled from records, this way you can begin experimenting and making beats as soon as you get the machine.

++ PLUS ++
+ blue pads +

The Appeal: the 60 MKii following the original MPC 60 came out in 1988 and quickly became a staple in Hip-Hop production, being made famous by many producers including DJ Premier and DJ Shadow. Its 12 bit sampler creates a warm and gritty sound output making it a mimicked and sought after piece of equipment in sample based production.

Cosmetic/Internal: This machine is in great condition, and was used in a smoke free home studio. Being OG the machine moves slower in the process of chopping sounds, saving programs, preparing zips, loading beats, etc. but thats purely the nature of the beast. The only hiccup I have found is in creating stereo sounds the final sound occasionally becomes jumbled in the process, but if the sounds are saved properly they can be reloaded and fixed.

Extra Functions: The 60 does not carry any filter installments so its up to the producer to get creative with other pieces of equipment to filter bass sounds, IT CAN sequence sound recording for programing full songs, has note cut off, and sound decay, attack, velocity, and tuning manipulation controlled by the 16 pads or slider. It carries a 4 pad bank selection and the “note correction” key gives the machine swing quantizers that fix out of place hits in the beat and help build up syncopated rhythms.

Bottom Line: This is a great machine which I’ve been building up for years, wish I could keep in the house but life has its changes. Hope to find a good home and dedicated producer to take it off my hands.” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Friday Aug 26, 2016

akiampc1000127 “Unit has been well cared for and works great. RAM is fully expanded to 128 megs. Best of all it has the full, paid, legit version of JJOS2XL – all functions working, loads and saves. As you may know, JJOS turns the MPC into a total powerhouse – true multitimbral operation, both chromatic and drum style programs, round robins, much better sequencer and beat chopping, a live looper and even audio recording among many other features.Price includes 2 CF cards.” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Friday Aug 26, 2016

akiampc1k “Aka MPC 1000. Bought third hand. In excellent condition, just never really used it. Comes with 128mb card but not manual. ” Link

Akai S2000

Friday Aug 26, 2016

akais2000 “This is an Akai s2000 digital sampler, the item comes with the manual and working power supply. As this is an inherited item I am unable to fully test it. The Akai turns on fine and appears to be in working order however I cannot say for sure the extent of its use due to a lack of equipment on my part. ” Link

Akai MPC 500 Project Machine

Friday Aug 26, 2016

akiampc500 “Unit used to turn on a week ago. Now it will not either through battery or plug. I believe it needs a new battery contact or male power supply port.” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

2000 “In fair condition.missing slider cap,missing power cap.still functional.power up fine.display kind of faded.still readable. Screen says insert disc… Don’t have disc so buy as is.” Link

Akai MPC 500 with 128MB RAM

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

500-128mb “Akai MPC 500 sampler/sequencer. Shows moderate cosmetic wear, but pads have been upgraded – as has the memory been maxed out. Great unit for producing sequences while traveling/on-the-go. As far as I’ve been able to tell, all functions work as they should, except the unit has crashed when I’ve attempted to record MIDI data from an external controller. Perhaps a fix that can be overcome via factory reset, I have neglected to look into it further. Selling the unit ‘as-is’, but I am confident the unit will work properly other than what I’ve disclosed above. That said, it’s been a great unit when not using larger, more clunky models, in order to condense/minimize my MIDI gear setup. Comes with AC adapter.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

2kxl “Here we have a used Akai MPC 2000XL with Compact Flash drive and 32MB of sample RAM. This is not a hot-swappable drive, so power must be turned off when inserting/removing the card. Please note that the unit will also work with 2GB or 4GB cards (the 2 included here are actually 4GB cards), but the MPC 1.2 operating system only allows you to use a 1GB partition.
That’s still a billion times better than any floppies, scsi or zip drives!

*The only major issues with this unit is that the ‘Left’ record-in jack (audio input) was previously damaged & removed (see picture). The result is that you have to sample in mono instead of stereo, using the ‘right’ record-in jack. Or, you can use the included USB-PC card reader and load stereo samples from your computer to the the flash card, and then into the MPC. All other functions work as expected.*

The jog wheel encoder and NVM slider were both replaced about a year ago which is the last time I actually used it. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with EB-16, 8-outs

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

use2l “AKAI MPC 2000 Drum Machine fully loaded.
Comes with 8 expansion outputs and effects board, OS disk and power cord.
Mint Condition!” Link

Akai MPC 2000 Parts Machine

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

2k “Up for auction is An Akai Mpc 2000

All pads, data wheel and buttons are 100% functional and the LCD is the only things missing there is nothing wrong with it just need a LCD screen
The unit is maxed out with 32mb of Ram for Sampling. It has minor scratches but is built like a tank with strong metal.
Comes with Akai Operating System Disk and Power Cord.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Special Edition SE-3

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

akaimpc2000xlse3 ” Condition: Item is used and shows general wear associated with normal use. It has visible cosmetic imperfections. Examples include: scratches, scuffs, or shallow nicks. There is no major damage to the item. See pictures for details.
Needs Repair sold As-Is: Please note pictures: F4 button pad is missing, but the button can still be pressed with something small enough to fit in the hole (I used a pen cap) and it does work. MPC is tested and works but I’m not sure if the “16 Levels / Space” button is working or not. ” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with DVD-ROM Drive

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

25000 “Akai mpc 2500 works perfect. CD drive works great comes with power cable and memory card” Link

Akai S2000 Project Machine

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

s2000 “No longer works.
Parts or spares. ” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

100_128 ” Great condition for its age. I’ve had this for a couple months, and it doesnt really fit my current setup so I’m letting it go. FUN MACHINE. I colored the sidepanels myself. Metallic Black. Its an alright job haha

Original Pad
128MB ram
16GB CF card
Custom colored side panels
Power cord

The MPC has the original pads and they actually all are responsive. The bottom right pad works OK. I cleaned buttons, motherboard, and switches thoroughly.

Not shipping internationally, sorry” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, SMPTE

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

2k “Up for auction is An Akai Mpc 2000

All pads, data wheel and buttons are 100% functional and the LCD Screen is clear and free of any lines.
The unit is maxed out with 32mb of Ram for Sampling. It has minor scratches but is built like a tank with strong metal.
Comes with Akai Operating System Disk and Power Cord.” Link

Custom Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, Internal HD

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

akaimpc2000 “Great work condition.
Replaced all tact switches.
Brand new Grow in the Dark PAD
Internal 8MB Flash Rom (OS installed)
Internal SCSI MO drive (230MB)
RAM: 32MB” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, EB-16, 8-outs

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

usedakaimpc2000 “Akai MPC 2000 sampler sequencer

32mb ram

8 outs

Fx processor

Floppy disc drive

Akai start up disc included

Plus free pack of floppy discs and 8 mono jack leads.

Excellent condition both working and cosmetically. ” Link

Akai MPC 3000

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

akaimpc3000 “Excellent condition. Fully tested and functional. Comes with zip drive installed. Independent outputs! Roger Linn design.” Link

Custom Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition # 0519 with Internal Zip Drive

Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

akaimpc3000le “Up for auction is an Akai MPC 3000 LE with custom Bruce Forat wooden side panels. The MPC was purchased used but in near mint condition about a year back and has seen very little use. The screen and backlight is bright and functions but is not quite as bright as when brand new. The pads are the original and feel and look like new. All knobs, buttons, and faders function as they should. You are bidding on a very good condition MPC.

Features and add-ons:
-Bruce Forat Wood Side Panels
-Internal Zip Drive
-OS 3.11
-Power Cord
-Softshell Carrying Case” Link

Custom Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, 8-outs

Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

used custom mpc2k “A real classic from the 90′s music scene, the Akai MPC 2000 features CD-quality 16-bit sampling at 44.1kHz, a built-in floppy drive and SCSI interface, and a 300,000 sequence note capacity. The MPC is a great entry level studio-quality sampler in use by the pros.

This old school Akai MPC 2000 is in fair, working condition with some signs of wear like scuffs and chipping paint. It comes with the cords and floppy disk with MPC 2000 OS 1.72 pictured above. It has the 8 outputs and 32MB memory expansions. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Edition, SMPTE, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

akia_mpc_2000xl “This unit is in great shape and is FULLY functional. I don’t need to say much about these machines, they have stood the test of time and the 2000XL includes auto chop for quick sampling/sequencing making this model is the perfect blend between the older and newer MPC’s. Additionally I had a CF card reader has been installed so you don’t have to worry about floppy disc anymore! Get the perfect blend right here with this MPC 2000XL, the old school sound that will integrate with your current setup. ” Link

Akai MPC 500

Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

used 500 “The expanded memory makes a big difference. It means you can sample up to 24 minutes of mono audio (12 minutes stereo). Without this feature you would have only about 2 minutes (about 1 minute stereo) and then you would get a message that you cannot record any more audio. It doesn’t matter how big the backup memory card is, the machine needs the expanded memory to deal with more than a couple minutes of audio at a time.

The upgraded pads are nice and fat, chunky feeling. Remember that this machine can run on batteries which means you can make beats when you’re away from an outlet. This is about as portable and convenient as you’re going to get for a real sampler/sequencer. Most of the other samplers on the market right now can’t touch this machine as far as capabilities: detailed sequencing with quantize options, velocity sensitive, decent effects, true inputs and outputs, usb connectivity.

Fully functional and good cosmetic condition. If you’re willing to spend the time learning it, you can make great stuff. I no longer have the box or manual, just the adapter and the unit and a memory card. Manual is easily accessed online.” Link

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