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Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, 8-outs

Monday Jan 22, 2018

“Used Akai MPC 2000xl. Max RAM (32 mb). 8 outs. Digital i/o. Missing cap for power button but still perfectly functional. Overall great condition. Barely used.” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with SMPTE, 8-outs

Monday Jan 22, 2018

“Regrettably, I am selling my MPC 2000 Classic. It is a great drum machine, I just found out that I’m more of a software guy. I will assure you that no software can reproduce drums that “knock” as hard as they do with an MPC though.

This will ship with:

The MPC with power cord.

MPC 2000xl Sound Library Vol. 1 (CD)

An Iomega Zip100 Drive with SCSI output (for loading samples into your MPC) and zip disk with “sounds from disks 001-050 fr 001-003.

Original manual and software 1.3 addendum. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Monday Jan 22, 2018

” For Parts only. However all it needs is a new display. The display has lines in it. It turns on and works. This unit does have the 8 out w/SPDIF expansion card and full memory ram installed Which can be harvested. Or you can just install a new display and your good to go. It is missing both knobs and the slider knob top. Comes with OS floppy also. The output expansion alone is worth $150. Hate to sell it as I was going to replace the display but I don’t have time to work on music much and need the money.” Link

Custom Akai MPC 4000 with 512MB RAM, SPDIF

Monday Jan 22, 2018

“512 MB of RAM standard DIMM
80GB Hard Disk
Custom sparkle white painted end caps
Black plexwriter optical drive
Thick pads / sensitivity corks
Akai MPC4000 Instructional DVD – Video Tutorial” Link

Akai S700

Monday Jan 22, 2018

“Vintage Akai S700 12-bit Sampler with factory disks and 9 Roland writable QDs

Great unit if you want that authentic 80’s 12-bit sampler sound. Has a distinctive sound that you can not get even if you lower the resolution of today’s samplers.

Now over 30 years old, I have had this sampler in my studio/storage since new. Uses obsolete QD (Quick Disk) drive. The drives on nearly all these units will have failed many years ago, as they have a rubber belt on the disk drive motor that turns to mush. When I tested the S700 last week for the first time in 10 years, I found that drive belt was broken, and have had the belt replaced by the guy who maintains my gear.
Now working, and able to load most of the sounds from my old library disks. Some are now saying “bad data on disk”, which is not a surprise given this is 30 year old magnetic media.

Many people use these units without the temperamental disk drive, as the operating system is pre-loaded, and you can still use to create samples then run them into your DAW or s/w based sampler (still capturing ‘that’ sound) without using the drive.

In good condition for age. Has a bit of rack ‘rash’ shown on pictures, but the front/back panels are in good condition, and scratches not visible when mounted in rack.

Included are the three original Akai library sounds that shipped with the unit, together with 9 Roland writable QD” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Zip Drive

Monday Jan 22, 2018

“Blue mpc2000xl. All pads/knobs/ buttons work. Great condition since I like to take care of my stuff. Uses floppy disk for saving and loading sounds. Love this drum machine been with this baby for 2 years and always had fun with it but it’s time to let go.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Edition with 32MB RAM, SMPTE, 8-outs, EB-16, Internal Card Reader

Monday Jan 22, 2018

” Selling my Mpc.

This is the studio edition. Max Ram, 8 outputs, Digital i/o for spdif, Effects Card upgrade. The best.

It also has a scsi2sd card installed in place of the standard Zip. This allows you to store all your samples on the included SD card , for HUGE amounts of space and fast loading. Much more reliable than the CF reader, much QUIETER than the Zip drives (and much, much more reliable). Flash Memory abilities in your MPC!

Item will be packed and shipped , fully insured, by UPS store.

Condition is overall very good. The rear of unit has some wear due to the original boxes foam disintegrating and causing some light paint damage. The screen is in great condition, and the top of the unit looks very good as well. Some light scratches on side , but overall looks great.

Priced to MOVE.

This model is going up in price every year. These ‘Studio’ editions were the cream of the crop when they first came out, and this is your chance to own one for cheap. Pads work great, no replaced parts (other than sd card reader upgrade).

The Card reader does have a bracket to keep it in place where the Zip was, and there is a slight gap there as the front of the Akai is curved and the reader bracket is flat. I tried to photo this as best as possible. If you really want I can take this out and can reinstall the Zip drive too, however that is a major downgrade and I would not recommend it. That, however, is your call and I am happy to oblige. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Edition with SMPTE, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“Selling Akai MPC 2000XL in EXCELLENT condition. Unit is in fantastic shape and 100% working!

FULLY UPGRADED: Maxed out RAM, including CF card reader, 8 OUTS, SMPTE chip installed. Flawless screen. All pads, buttons, and sliders are responsive and work perfectly. This machine is a BEAST!

Includes power supply cable.”


Akai MPC 2000

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“Akai MPC 2000, Needs work. I got this from a friend of mine who had it for a long time. Needs new lcd screen, screen has lines in it. May need new pitch slider. The down cursor button is not responding. Also can not check to see if pad sensor are good due to cursor button and bad screen. Did have some fuzziness also on the outputs. Has minor wear and tear, see photos.

All in all pretty clean, I feel if gets in the right hands someone can make it great again! Has black pads, power cord and new start up disc. See photos. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with External SCSI Drive

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“This unit is fully functional and is in very good shape all the buttons are good ( the power button cover is missing but is easily turned on and off and is on the back). the screen is bright and easy to read included is a printed manual in a notebook a scsi CD-ROM drive with 1 CD-ROM mpc vol.1. A scsi Zip drive with no zip discs all power cables and scsi cables a scsi terminater and 2 16 meg ram expansion to 32 megs max not installed”

Akai MPC 500

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“Model has very slight cosmetic damage but otherwise works perfectly and come with ac cable and memory card.” Link

Akai MPC 5000 with 192MB RAM

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“The device is in working order.The DVD device is not connected, but it works.There are small scratches on the case, look at the photos.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL SE-2

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

“16 bit drum sampler. 8 mix out channels. 2 MB of memory. 16 glow-in-the-dark pads. Screen has a few lines (as seen in the pictures). Has a few cosmetic dents/scratches but everything works perfectly fine!” Link

Akai MPC 5000 with DVD-ROM Drive

Saturday Jan 20, 2018

” akai mpc 5000 80gb big red pads” Link

Lot of 2 Akai S900 Samplers

Saturday Jan 20, 2018

“2 x Akai S900. One works one does not, the one that isn’t working I think the disk drive might be faulty and it blows the fuse. Not the brightest of displays on the working one but can still be easily operated and comes with a free floppy disk to save your samples on! 8 outputs on both and 12bit loveliness to the sounds! Oh! These came out of the famous Strongroom Studios in London!!!” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL

Saturday Jan 20, 2018

” Worked last time i used it…has lines in screen….great piece to refurbish” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Saturday Jan 20, 2018

“This is an MPC1000 sampler that has been customized with light blue sensitive fat pads for better response. I have also upgraded the user interface with the JJOS2 which allows for more functionality and a smoother workflow. It is in perfect condition, all buttons, pads, and sliders work fine.

Includes power cable and 3 compatible memory cards. You can either get a USB converter for the cards or also transfer files directly into the MPC with a different type of USB cable (which is not included).” Link

Akai MPC 5000

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“Works perfectly and has all the necessary cables and instruction book to get going within 2 minutes.

Very minor scratches along the front panel before the pads but otherwise in great shape. Heavy duty travel case also included (has a few scratches here and there from use) but is pristine inside.

Comes preloaded with a massive Akai drum pack. ” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, 140GB HD

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“MPC 2500 excellent condition. 128MB ram. 140GB HD. Smoke free studio. Comes with all the classic vinyl breakbeats and more! FREE SHIPPING!” Link

Akai MPC 60II

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“Classic sampler Akai mpc 60 in good condition some normal wear and tear but overall in good shape and works great.” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“Like new Akai Mpc 2000 in original box which is very rare.” Link

Akai MPC 4000

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“Akai Mpc 4000 works great has dent in corner of machine.” Link

Akai MPC 5000

Friday Jan 19, 2018

“This is an AKAI MPC 5000 Sample & Sequencer in excellent condition with a manual (copy). It has 192MB Memory and does NOT include a cd/cvd burner. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

Thursday Jan 18, 2018

“MPC in tollem Zustand. Brandneues Display von MPCStuff (neue Generation),
kein Einbrennen und keine toten Zeilen mehr!

Neben den Standard-Features der 2000XL kommt die hier angebotene mit:
– Brandneues Display von MPCStuff, knackscharf mit Beleuchtung
(lange Lebenszeit, kein Enbrennen oder tote Zeilen wie bei den alten)
– Voller Speicherausstattung (32MB Ram)
– Compact Flash Card Reader inkl. kompatibler CF-Karte von SanDisk
(2GB, ca. 1049MB in der MPC nutzbar)” Link

Akai S3000XL

Thursday Jan 18, 2018

“Classic sampler. Excellent condition. Includes manual. Local pickup but will consider posting within uk” Link

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