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Akai MPC 1000

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

bluempc1k “Selling Akai MPC 1000 – MIDI Production Center.


Akai MPC 500

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

uesdmp 5000“Ich biete meine MPC 500 inkl. 128Mb MPC-Library zum Verkauf an.
Sie befindet sich in einem neuwertigen Zustand, wurde kaum benutzt, die Schutzfolie ist auch noch auf dem Display. Das Gerät hat keine Abnutzungsspuren.
Auf der Speicherkarte ist eine große Auswahl an interessanten Sounds, ansonsten kann ja jede Quelle gesamplet werden.
In Originalverpackung! Inkl. Bedienungsanleitung und Netzteil.
Hardware-Sampler!” Link

Akai S3000XL

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

s3kxl“Model: S3000XL Brand: AKAI
Hello welcome to my auction, i am selling my akai s3000xl sampler like new still has the plastic on the lcd, it has the original box and i am sure i have the documents somewhere too but not seen them for years so if i can find them i will send with it. it all seems to work fine. ” Link

Akai CD3000XL with 32MB RAM, EB-16

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

cd3000xl“FOR SALE


Brand new screen

Has The Eb16 effects card installed

Maxed ram 32mb

Stagg flight case included in sale

Also come’s with a disk of strings samples
A great sampler – good condition.” Link

Akai S900

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

akais900“Works great! Small scratch on top of unit but otherwise mega clean.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Zip Drive

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

used2000xl“This MPC 2000XL is in perfect working condition. The cleanest on eBay.. Bought new , lightly used, less than 100 hours in professional, smoke free, dust controlled studio in Atlanta .

• Very very clean

• Excellent cosmetic condition

• Screen is bright and full

• No dead pixels

• Few blemishes on sides from normal use

• Works perfect as the day it was bought new ” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

usedmpc1k“Classic Akai sampler.

Bought used a few months ago and have not used it much. Have powered it up and played it a little bit and everything seems to be working fine but I never really tried to use it much. Decided to go with a computer setup…” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

2000” Akai MPC 2000 up for bid. I originally bought it back in 1998. This was “THE” sampler back in the day! It needs some TLC. The screen has some pixels missing (see photo), the “play/start” button in missing (although the small red button works:), and I do not have the OS disk anymore, unfortunately I missed placed it:/ The last time I used it (a few years back) it still worked fine. The disks pictured are various sounds and samples I will include. ” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

1k“Up for bid is a used Akai MPC1000 Production Station. This machine is in good condition, is fully functional and even has the screen film still on. It also has the max (256MB) RAM.

There is one minor issue with the machine. One of the Pad Bank buttons is loose. The plastic top portion of the button is broken, but it can be fixed for $5.00, maybe cheaper on eBay.” Link

Akai MPC 2500LE Limited Edition #424 / 500

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

mpc2500le424” Rare Limited Edition Akai MPC 2500 in Excellent condition! Cosmetically this machine is very clean with no visible scratches or wear. Screen is bright and clear. Side panels are in perfect shape. Used in a smoke free studio, never gigged with! This unit is loaded with;
- 80gb Hard drive
- Max 128mb Ram
- CD-Rom

There is a minor dent on the rear right corner as shown in pics, but is hardly noticeable.
Has been fully tested and is in perfect operational order. ” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

akiampc2500 “All black MPC 2500 Used. In good working condition. Missing two bottom feet. #2 output is missing. Some marks and scratches. It has 128 mb and JJ OS 5.56. Dope machine!” Link

Sinister mpc 1000 beat

Monday Apr 20, 2015

Courtesy of joey juggz on YouTube

Akai MPC 500

Monday Apr 20, 2015

usdempc500“Sie erwerben hier das originale Akai MPC500 Music Production Center. Das Gerät befindet sich in absolut neuwertigem Topzustand – optisch, wie auch technisch! Zu dem Gerät geben wir eine 128MB große CF-Speicherkarte .Bei diesem Angebot können Sie nichts falsch machen. Kenner wissen um die Fähigkeiten dieses Geräts.


1 x original AKAI MPC500

1 x 128MB CF-Speicherkarte

1 x Bedienungsanleitung

1 x Orginalverpackung

1 x Netzteil” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 8-outs

Monday Apr 20, 2015

2k8 “Akai MPC 2000 with 8 outs upgrade and OS 1.72 disc. In good used condition for it’s age.” Link

Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition with 32MB RAM, Vailixi 3.50, IB-CRT VGA Expansion, External Zip Drive

Monday Apr 20, 2015

mpc3000le“I purchased this unit from Armens close to six years ago and since then I have maxed it out. I purchased the VGA Output from VST, the 3.5 OS from MPC3000LE, the thick pads and cloth dust cover from Mirehartcom, the fitted dust cover from Digital Deck Covers, the Zip 250 from Forat, four Zip disks from Staples, the Get ‘N Go iomega Zip from an online store and Hip Hop Sounds from Forat. Everything is in working condition.” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Monday Apr 20, 2015

1000“This works perfectly. Please see photos for cosmetic condition details.
Includes universal AC cable.
128mb ram, 1 gigs of CF card with 400MB samples
Original pads that all trigger. (some pads are a little less sensitive but still trigger).” Link

Akai MPC 3000 with 32MB RAM

Monday Apr 20, 2015

akaimpc3k“Up for bid is a Akai MPC 3000 running 3.11 OS with the max memory upgrade. I will also include the manual and 1 floppy disk of drum breaks. Everything works is perfect. Cosmetically I would rate it an 7.5/10 because of some scratches along the siding and fading paint. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL-SE2 with Internal Zip Drive

Monday Apr 20, 2015

usedmpc2000xlse2 “You are bidding on a used Akai MPC 2000 XL SE2. This is a Special Edition. It is in Overall Very Clean condition. It does turn on, but it is Untested, so it is being sold for Parts, or AS-IS. When we turned it on, you can see in the pictures there are lines on the LCD.

Again, it is clean, but there is also the button cover for the On/Off switch that is missing (this is a common occurence). See picture. ” Link

Akai MPC 60II

Monday Apr 20, 2015

mpc60ii“Vintage MPC 60 II.
This unit is in overall great condition for its age.

All buttons, pads, and encoder are in working order.

This Unit could use a new back light which can be purchased on ebay and easily installed.

Has a small crack in plastic on back. See in pictures.

This unit needs nothing to start making music right out of the box.

Includes Many Samples and Blank Floppies to get you started!

OS. 2.12″ Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, 80GB HD, DVD-ROM Drive

Monday Apr 20, 2015

2500“:This MPC has an 80 gig hard drive installed and a DVD drive installed. Fully loaded with 128 MB of ram.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

Monday Apr 20, 2015

2kxl “MY professionally used AKAI MPC 2000XL, is in great physical condition. All the Pads, outputs, buttons, and knobs work! (only one horizontal line in display screen). This MPC will be shipped with any of the original instruction manuals that I still have, with the power cord. If your a producer/engineer/, or studio/live performer and you want one of the hottest, popular and easiest to use samplers ever made,……simply put…….. the akai 2000xl is one of them.

I took pretty good pictures……so Please Inspect!

I personally used an MPC (in some way) in a lot of songs I’ve recorded! The features that stand out for me is the swing, feel of the pads and ITS NOT connected to a computer……so theres less fear of it crashing on stage/ or in the studio. There are many good things to say when using this instrument. I don’t list all of the features here…… So do some research if you don’t already know…or visit Almost anywhere on the internet for info on a AKAI MPC 2000xl.

I’ve owned lots of vintage equipment over the years and MY AKAI 2000XL is one of them!……its one of my prized units.

Also, this MPC 2000XL has a CF (1GB) CARD reader, 32mb maxed out ram upgrade, and 8 outs! I didn’t install any effects, and I also changed the rubber stops on the bottom.” Link

Akai MPC 5000

Monday Apr 20, 2015

used mpc 5000 “Unit is in perfect working order. This works from 100V to 240V and comes with your regional adapter plug . The power button switch cover is missing but you can turn the unit on as usual ( it does not affect the function )” Link

Akai MPC 2500

Monday Apr 20, 2015


Condition: Used/Lightly Used – This item has been used but is still in decent condition. This item will be working mechanically (if applicable) but can have some signs of wear to the exterior (Ex. Light scratches, scuffs or marks).

Auction includes:

Drum machine
Power cord
No other items included” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Monday Apr 20, 2015

Make: Akai

Model: MPC1000

Condition: Used/Lightly Used – This item has been used but is still in decent condition. This item will be working mechanically (if applicable) but can have some signs of wear to the exterior (Ex. Light scratches, scuffs or marks). A few scratches on the back.

Auction includes:

Akai MPC1000
Power cord
No other items included” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM, 80GB HD

Monday Apr 20, 2015

bluempc1k “Excellent working condition. Includes:

Maxed out 128 mb ram,

Runs JJOS 1 V. 5.00 ($59 value)

Akai factory hdm-10 hard drive expansion

80 gb hard drive

Drive has lots of samples on it (mostly drum sounds)

These are the original pads, but due to extremely light use-they are in fantastic shape.” Link

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