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Akai S01

Monday Apr 23, 2018

“Comes with lots of floppy discs”

Akai MPC 60II with Expanded Memory

Monday Apr 23, 2018

“Regretfully Selling my mpc 60ii , the second one I had in my personal smoke free studio.
Owned about 15 years, new pad sensors, upgraded 3.15 os chips, maxed memory, backlight and black pads about 4 years ago. Floppy drive works good, and Pads , knobs, work like they should. Some cosmetic scuffs / bruises check pics, for a 30 year old unit not too bad. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM

Monday Apr 23, 2018

“I have an mpc 2000 with the original manual, box and stock sounds for sale. Has max ram upgrade. Looking for $375 + shipping obo. No pics of box, but it’s not in the best condition anyway.” Link

Akai MPC 500

Monday Apr 23, 2018

“Sold AS IS. This is Akai MPC 500 for sale, 16 mb memory. I wanted to replace tact switches on cursor button, so gave it to the local repair shop. An item powers up, but none of the buttons (except jog wheel) respond to pressing. I found out similar situations between mpc users through the web. I had no idea what happened, though there is no free time to sort it out. I hope it would be an easy fix for a person who knows schematics well. A small crack in an upper right corner (not an LCD, just plastic). Anyway, sold as is – please read the description thoroughly before pressing “buy it now” button. Thank you.”

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM, 128GB HD

Monday Apr 23, 2018

“This unit lived a cushy life in a theater control booth and FOH used mainly for theatrical sound effects and background music beds. It had less than 40 hour of use before the theater lost its funding.

128 Mb Internal RAM!
128 GB Internal Solid State Memory Storage! (via KIT-HDM10,
JJ OS v3.16 Operating System (Feb 16 2015) ”

Akai MPC 4000

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

“For sale: Akai MPC 4000* I’m moving my equipment to a smaller space, so the 2500 will be getting more use.

Comes with internal hard drive/USB/CD drive. Used in a smoke-free pre-production facility, the unit is in great cosmetic condition. Comes with power cord and a set of 1/4 cables so you can connect the MPC to a set of speakers or a mixing unit.

The only functioning issue is Pad 16 doesn’t work, that’s why I’m selling at a discounted price. A new pad sensor costs around $70 if you want to get a new one (all 16 pad sensors are on one unit, unlike the MPC 1000 which has 16 individual sensors) and it’s an easy fix, just unplug the old one and plug in the new one.

This is a great opportunity to get a great sampler at a good price. The 4000 is made in the same vein as the MPC 3000, with the same sequencer. Don’t sleep on this auction! ” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

“For sale, my fantastic MPC1000 in excellent condition. Comes with:

The correct pads! (The upgraded ones)

128MB Installed

JJOS3.16 Installed

Original 128MB CF Sound Card

Full print out of the brilliant MPC Tutor’s MPC1000 Bible with all the tutorial files. This is a great way to get you started with MPC’s.

4GB CF Card (contains all the MPC1000 Bible tutorial files plus loads of free samples)

Original box (although it shows signs of wear and tear)

Original Akai manual

Will only be posted special delivery (to protect you and me)” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

“Known issues:

faulty slider but who uses it anyway. I don’t have anymore time to fix but the part is only 14 dollars and easy if you can solder.

When I tested the 8 outs with headphones I could only hear audio on the left side. Stereo outputs work fine.

32 mb max ram installed

Brand New of sensors installed

Brand New CF card reader installed . Tested with sandisk and card. Non hotswappable

Body has normal wear and tear.” Link

Akai MPC 500

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

“Akai professional MPC 500 Music Production Center. This item is in used condition. There are some scratches, dings and small dents. Please see picture. It does not come with any cords or adapters. It only comes with what you see in the picture.” Link

Akai S2800 with SCSI

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

“Akai S2800 Sampler with Ultra-Wide SCSI interface.

Selling as having a bit of a clear out and want some different bits of kit. Display still really bright, not even turned up full in pics. In perfect working order despite the top of the case being a bit bent and having some tape residue on it.

Interface displayed in Utilities screenshot allowing for digital in/out

Free memory displayed in Sample Edit screenshot, I think it’s 16MB but not too sure.

Power supply and Ultra-Wide SCSI lead also provided, no manual but they are available.” Link

Akai S2800

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“Vintage AKAI S2800 with original manuals and sample disks – also spare floppies and samples.
Display has dimmed a little but this is pretty common… still perfectly fine in dimmed light which is when it will be used most!
Floppy disk works fine and there are some extra sample disks not shown in the pics.
Only ever used in home studio.” Link

Akai MPC 500

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“Hi i have an akai mpc500 for sale
used condition with some scratches
working fine
no charger included but works off 6 aa batteries
no box or other accessories included, just the unit itself ” Link

Akai MPC 2000 Project Machine

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“• Sold as seen, number of buttons missing & the screen is absent, previously tested with a screen which displayed the “disk error”‘ message, obviously no returns, strictly sold as seen, front panel etc missing, study the pic for condition etc, kettle lead etc not inc.” Link

Akai MPC 3000

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“Please Note: The item is used with various cosmetic blemishes including scratches and the slider knob is broken but is operational and is in overall good working condition. Included is only production center as shown with the Floppy Drive and power cord. Please view pictures for more details. ”

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM , Internal Card Reader

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“Known issues. Faulty slider. Who uses it anyway? If I had more time I would replace. The part is about 14 dollars.

Cursor keys: function but require a bit more pressure.

Brand new screen installed

Brand new pads installed.

Brand new max 32 ram installed

Brand new CF Drive installed (not hot-swappable. Tested with Sandisk SD card

8 outs covered internally with electric tape.

Body shows normal wear and tear.”

Akai MPC 1000

Saturday Apr 21, 2018

“For sale is an Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center. It comes with the power cord, 2gb card, and JJOS Xl Sampling Bible book. *No Software* Powers on and appears to be in good working condition. A few scuffs but overall in very nice condition. Must be paid for within 7 days.” Link

Akai MPC 1000 Project Machine

Friday Apr 20, 2018

“AKAI MPC 1000 in non-working order. Bought this used but it never booted up. Powers up but screen is blank. Can be used for parts. Not sure what’s wrong with it nor how to repair it. Buyer understands that this is being sold AS IS and assumes all responsibility. Will include power cord.

Will include two sticks of memory (128 and 256)” Link

Akai MPC 500

Friday Apr 20, 2018

” Selling A AKAI professional MPC500 with power cable, Never been used” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, SMPTE, 8-outs

Friday Apr 20, 2018

“Great conditions Akai MPC 2000. max out memory, 8 output board, New LED screen, startup Disk, power cord, 2 new floppy disks. Everything works. Free shipping in the US only!!! Thank you for looking!!!!” Link

Custom Akai MPC 3000

Friday Apr 20, 2018

” Brand: Akai
Model: MPC3000
Condition: Good. It has few minor signs of use. Works fine. Comes with power cord.”


Akai ASQ10

Thursday Apr 19, 2018

” This is the brain of the legendary Akai MPC60, the result of the Roger Linn collaboration with Akai. The MPC has touch pads and audio outputs. The ASQ-10 is the sequencer section only. No audio. No cool drum samples. Just MIDI. Here’s what Wikipedia says about it: In 1988, Akai also released the sequencer section of the MPC60 as a standalone hardware product in its own right, the ASQ10. As with the MPC60, this was renowned for its solid MIDI timing compared to computer software based systems.” Link

Akai MPC 500

Thursday Apr 19, 2018

“Used, works but no accessories included, only l have what you see in the pictures.” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM

Thursday Apr 19, 2018

“JJOS 3.16
8 CF Card & 128MB Memory Card”

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive Project Machine

Thursday Apr 19, 2018

“The customer who just bought it and returned it said the following:

all the outputs including the phones and stereo L/R are not working properly. I barely hear any sound from it whether connected to headphones or my monitors, I’m suspecting its the main volume knob that’s the problem

So this is SOLD AS IS for repair

Comes with power cable, shows regular light wear (see pics, zoom into selection wheel which shows some wear where your finger goes and above the CD drive)”

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Zip Drive

Thursday Apr 19, 2018

“Slightly used, in perfect working condition. Very minor scuffs, looks great for its age. Just don’t have a need for it anymore.”

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