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Akai S1100 with 32MB RAM

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“Working and in good condition with manual and a few floppies .” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 8-outs, Internal Zip Drive

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“Akai Professional MPC2000XL MIDI Production Center

missing noob in good working condition tested to work as seen in picture
scratch ,dents ,chip paint,” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Edition with 32MB RAM, SMPTE, 8-outs, Internal Zip Drive

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“Selling an Akai mpc 2000xl. Classic production machine for all genres of music. In good cosmetic and working condition. For it’s age and use, I’d say it’s better than fair shape and I’m not the original owner. The only flaw to this machine is that the jog wheel rubs slightly against the metal casing when turning, but does not affect operation and functionality of the unit. This could be simple tweak to fix or $20-$30 to replace altogether. All buttons, knobs, slider and pads work. The screen is in excellent shape with no lines or fading. Includes expanded 32mb ram, 8 outputs, internal 250mb iomega zip drive installed and several zip disks ready to be used.” Link

Akai MPC 500

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“This is a USED AKAI MPC 500. This item works like new on battery power only and is a great introductory step to electronic/hiphop production.


– Line/Mic input button cover is missing (blue button in photos) but button still works just fine)

– Item was sold to a few weeks ago and the buyer damaged the DC port, which worked fine prior to that sale. The item was returned and tested, now ONLY runs on AA BATTERY power but works like new otherwise. (Takes 6 batteries, battery life lasts for quite some time.)”

Akai MPC 60II with Expanded Memory, OS3.10

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“Akai Mpc 60 II with 3.10e Roger Linn Os..Everything works fine, and is in very good condition..8 outs..26 Secs max sampling time..Released in 1991..Tool of choice for legendary producers in the early 90s which includes Marley Marl, Dj Premier, Dr Dre, Dj Quik, Eric B & Rakim, Large Professor, etc.If you are looking for that sound Hip Hop was born on, this is it. Very warm & punchy sound that is unmatched by any other drum machines.” Link

Akai MPC 5000 with DVD-ROM Drive

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

” Bought this machine to load and transfer my old beats from my previous 5000. Currenlty being used for a project but will be available.
Fully functional
It is in Excellent Condition
Hard drive with samples
Cd/dvd drive
New tascam Headphones included

Krk 8s 3rd Generation barely used does have some light skuffs and 1 deep skuff in the 1st photo near the bottom right of the “8”. Cones are flawless.
Original box and packaging included.

Power supply included ” Link

Akai MPC 500

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“Mint condition MPC500 (even has the plastic covering on the lcd screen).

The first portable, battery powered MPC – now sadly discontinued and it has been upgraded to include the maxed out 128mb of RAM – room for all the samples you can find!

Still boxed with all the manuals etc.

I’m a home studio musician and just never got round to using this and it’s a waste for it to sit in its box unloved and unused.” Link

Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

“From my personal studio, for sale is an Akai MPC3000 Limited Edition. This is the ONE to get! Maxed out, Vailixi 3.50 OS, with card reader, upgraded screen, custom black pads, jog wheel and data slider. Minty shape and 100% fully functional. The upgraded screen is so bright the camera had trouble taking pictures of it, in person it looks fantastic. So easy to read and it is high quality so it will never go bad. This one has been really babied and lightly used and it shows. ” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“This MPC 1000 is in very good condition and working perfectly. All controls have great feel and respond accurately. Pads very responsive and playable. All ports and jacks are in great shape and connect without issue. All lights and the screen illuminate properly, screen free of any defects. Sound is strong and clear from all inputs and outputs. In great physical condition, with only light signs of use.

This has been upgraded to 128 MB internal memory, and comes with two compact flash cards. Also includes original box and packaging, power supply, and full user manual. ”

Akai MPC 2000 with 8-outs, External Zip Drive

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Grab NOW!

MPC 2000 in excellent condition + 8 output upgrade

Record/Overdub Buttons replaced all other buttons WORK!

Pads/Knobs/Wheels/Sliders all WORK!


iOmega Zip Drive

8 Zip Disks NEW

MPC Floppy Disk OS

Power/Data Cables”

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Card Reader

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Used Akai MPC 2000xl, upgraded to max memory and a flash/cf reader w 500mb hard drive, aftermarket pads, recently replaced the pad sensors. I’ve had this sampler for 4-5 years, did the upgrades myself. Only thing not mint about the unit is that the “Pad Bank B” button is kinda sticky” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

Friday Sep 22, 2017

” Hi, this is my fully equipped MPC with 8out, max RAM, CF drive including 1GB Sandisk CF card, spare CF insert and original manual. Also 100-240V model (can use internationally) bought in Japan. Functional with no display problems.” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, 60GB HD, DVD-ROM Drive

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Akai MPC 2500 with ……
Cd Drive
60 Gigabyte Solid State Drive
New Black pads
MPCStuff Smooth Jog Wheel(quiet) with Red LED PCB Board
128mb RAM”

Akai MFC42

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Fantastic AKAI MFC42 Analogue Filter.

In lovely, clean condition, unused and boxed for several years, previously in smoke free, pet free home studio.

Box is a little bit tatty.” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Hardly used AKAI MPC 2500, never really got on with it, so it’s been in a box virtually the whole time since buying new.

128MB installed with a 128MB card.

Standard AKAI OS.

Comes boxed with manuals and power lead.”

Akai S01

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Akai S01 Digital Sampler. Not upgraded. 16.2 seconds of sampling time. In immaculate condition and perfect working order. With Instruction manual. Boxed. A great entry level sampler.”

Akai MPC 5000 with 192MB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“OK, where to even start. Closer to excellent condition with only minimal signs of wear. This is one serious music production machine that you can do projects from start to mastered finished on, and it is loaded and gorgeous! On the inside, upgraded with max 192MB sample RAM and a super quiet 500GB SSD Hard Drive loaded with tons of loops and samples to get you started. On the outside, in excellent condition with hardly any signs of wear. Screen has be upgraded to a new black on white one and you won’t ever have to worry about parts of it going dead like the original ones. Protective plastic still on screen. Thick clear pads and retro knobs and sliders installed. Wood side panels. Original panels and knobs will be included. Original manuals. 2 x Compact Flash cards. DVD drive. Original box. Power cord. Dust cover. Fully functional. One of my favourite feature is the built-in 20 voice multitimbral virtual analog synth which is based on the Ion / Micron / Miniak synth engine so is capable of some amazing sounds. One caveat is with this large size of SSD drive installed, after start up you sometimes have to quick restart one more time if it doesn’t recognize the drive right away. Then it sees it no problem.” Link

Akai MPC 2500SE Special Edition

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“AKAI MPC 2500 Special Edition , full set , never used , with box and all accesories.

Listing Included

AKAI MPC 2500 Special edition.
120 gb HDD
Max Ram installed
JJ OS installed
DVD-Rom installed .
Collections of rare samples on 3 dvd .
Power Cord, USB Cord
2x – Flash card 2gb

Worldwide shipping .

bought for the studio but never used

open box and tested , 100% working condition”

Akai MPC 500

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“This listing is for AKAI Professional MPC 500. The machine was used once and stayed in storage. There are few cosmetic chips on the paint from being in a metal road ready case, as shown in picture. In excellent working condition. Comes with 128 Sound card and 512 Memory Card. No power Adapter!! They can be bought on ebay for 10$.” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with SMPTE, 8-outs

Friday Sep 22, 2017

Akai MPC 2000 from a smoke free home in EXCELLENT condition. Comes with the MPC Unit, 2 OS disks (1 extra) and AC Power Cord. Everything functions normally and it is in excellent condition.”

Akai MPC 4000 with SPDIF, External Zip Drive

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Very good condition and lightly used in smoke free environment. I am the original owner.
Includes Zip Drive and Zip Disk formatted for MPC and cable and connector which
I used as an external hard drive. Storage hard drive of unit removed to reduce studio noise,
but does not affect functionality of unit in any way.

272MB of on-board memory – expandable up to 512MB
Samples can also be loaded by usb.
2 Very small lines in screen, but not bothersome – see photo of start-up screen.”

Akai MPC 2500

Friday Sep 22, 2017

“Used in good condition comes with power cord.” Link

Custom Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Thursday Sep 21, 2017



This MPC has totally CUSTOMIZED in SP1200 STYLE. The housing has been repainted and printed in special WHITE Color,so not skin or stickers.

-128MB RAM
-CUSTOM PAINT Jog wheel and fader slider
-CUSTOM PAINT volume and rec gain knobs
-CUSTOM PAINT transport and control buttons

Also includes a power cable.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL

Thursday Sep 21, 2017

“MIDI Production Center, AKAI Professional music sampler/sequencer. Good condition, everything working. Power supply included. Classic beat machine. ”


Akai MPC 500

Thursday Sep 21, 2017

“Good condition with a few small marks here and there. Works perfectly and is great fun to use. It will come with a power supply, printed manual, memory card and a padded carry case.” Link

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