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Akai MPC 2000XL with 8-outs, EB-16, Internal Card Reader

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

used 2kxl“An excellent sequencer!

comes with :

8 out expander

effects card

2 GB flash card

power cable

genuine on board Akai flashcard read/writer

there are a few small scratches on the right side of the pads , also there are 2 lines that have formed on the screen (pictures included)

all else in great physical and working condition , and i will package to keep it that way.” Link

Akai S1000 Project Machine

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

2000“Akai S1000 Stereo Digital Sampler
this unit does not power up so is now being sold for parts / spares.
also missing cursor control knob on the front panel
chassis in very reasonable condition” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

2000 “Up for auction is this akai mpc 2000 classic. It is in good condition with a couple of minor issues. The rec gain knob is slightly bent and missing the cap, but still works just fine. The slider is loose and is also missing the cap. Screen is clear and bright. All buttons and pads work (couple buttons need to be pressed a bit harder). I have too many mpc’s and could use the money for other gear. Comes with power cord and boot disk. Sounds great, classic machine!” Link

Akai MPC 2500

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

used 2500“Item Description:

Item is used and is in very good condition.

Cosmetically it has minor scratches and a few scrapes at the bottom but NO dents or damage.

It has been tested and is fully functional.

Comes with power cord.” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

usedmpc1k “Akai MPC 1000 – all expansions and upgrades, plays like new

I have every drum sample I could find, ever on this thing. Every drum machine from the Fairlight, to the Roland 808-909, (too many to possibly list, or remember, all mapped to jam, ready) + hundreds of real, live stereo drum samples, also mapped into kits.. Buy one new for $1000? It comes with 32mb of lame preset sounds.. trying to say: this thing is loaded.

1gb storage (1024mb memory card) full of drumkits, hundreds of them. Used in professional studio only. Never seen a gig or been abused.

USB cable : move samples to and from any computer super easily. Works great for arranging individual tracks, as well as the usual application as a drum machine. Accepts keyboard input, as well as 2 pedals. 2 sliders/faders on panel assignable to any parameter inside or out via MIDI.

2 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, can control up to 32 individual devices on dedicated tracks / channels. Stereo 1/4″ audio in. Stereo 1/4″ outs + 4 assignable mix outs (6 total). Headphone jack on front near pedal inputs. SD compact flash storage: original Akai starter card included, plus 1 128mb + 1 1024mb loaded with sounds. Sample, resample, dual simultaneous effects sections.

Works perfectly. No blemishes or anything weird. I still have the original box + all the stuff that came in it, (manuals, cables, foam) all Akai-approved upgrades were made .. This is WAY more powerful, (and a lot smaller, fits in a padded laptop carry case perfectly) than the MPC2000xl, which I have .. really difficult decision on which (if either) to sell .. I figure this is much more usable right out of the box than the 2000xl, (those old things have no USB compatibility, confusing to program .. this does everything you can imagine, literally .. any way you want to cut or twist up to 64 sounds at once, it’s not even difficult.) 100,000 note sequencer, 99 sequences, song mode.. ” Link

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, 40GB HD, DVD-ROM Drive

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

25000180 ” Up for sale is my Akai MPC 2500. I bought this unit brand new in December 2008 from Guitar Center. I am the original owner of the unit and it has been well taken care of over the years. It’s been used only by me in my smoke free studio. I absolutely love this machine and have made hundreds of beats on it. Selling it because I haven’t really made any music with it since I got the MPC Renaissance. So it’s just been sitting there taking up space. Hopefully someone else will have more use for it.

The unit has all available upgrades including maxed out 128MB RAM, the genuine Akai CD-Rom drive, a 40GB hard drive, red pads and JJOS 1 (with license). I also added the custom black Data Wheel, black volume and Q-Link knobs, and a black cursor. I never did the buttons because they were not in stock at the time. The JJOS operating system makes this machine so much more fun and efficient to work on than the standard Akai OS. But if for some strange reason you don’t like the JJOS, you can simply just reinstall the Akai OS. Everything on unit works perfectly. The top surface is just a bit scuffed up from my hands during use over the years. Other than that, there is no physical damage to the machine at all.

Also, include in this auction will be the 8×8 1/4″ TRS snake cable to send the 8 outs of the MPC to your mixer or interface. This cable was an additional $100. I used this to run the 8 outs to my Digi 003. I will include this cable in the sale for no extra cost since I will have no use for it.” Link

Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

200032” Akai mpc 2000 classic
max out 32mg ram
fully functional lcd screen has 1 line but you can still see everything
i use this machine all the time light cosmetic scratches around screws from adding upgrades
all pads working this is a great machine
also comes with Akai professional MPC 2000 V1.72 Operating System” Link

Akia MPC 2500LE Limited Edition

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

mpc2500le ” Akai mpc 2500 jj os paid version os 3 with 128 Meg’s of ram and a 80 gig hard drive. Cosmetics condition is good no bangs or dents all buttons knobs and pads work. After payment is unit will packed insured and shipped to a paypal approved address.” Link

Akai MPC 500 with 128MB RAM

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

akaimpc500 “GREETINGS! I have for sale one of the most awesome sampling drum machines ever made, the Akai MPC500. I love this machine. It can do just about everything its bigger brothers can do… and it’s portable! Make beats at the park, on the train, on the bus, on the plane, wherever you want. This unit is in very good cosmetic and working condition, with only minor paint chipped from regular use. I am the first owner of this unit. This unit has full sampling time capability with the 128MB RAM (already installed). Shipping with the unit is a 128MB compact flash card, USB cable, instruction manuals, power adapter and the original box. Serious beat making in this small package. Thanks for checking out my listing!” Link

Akai MPC 500

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

500 “What we have here is a used, albeit fully functioning, MPC 500. As you can see from the pictures, there’s some minor scuffing around the corners of the machine, other than that, its aesthetics are pretty up to snuff. Included is the original power adapter and a memory card.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Plus with 32MB RAM, SMPTE, 8-outs, EB-16, External Card Reader

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

2kxlstudioplus “Akai MPC2000XL Studio Plus and Microtech PCD-40 SCSI Reader

This MPC was aquired as part of a storage bin lot sale of a music store that went out of business around 2004, and is being offered in NEW condition.

Tested, fully expanded from the factory. The screen is perfect, crisp with no lines. Pads feel really nice and fresh, as do the buttons and knobs. They feel virgin and “tight”. The pads feel equally responsive, which is rare to find. The screen is crisp and clear, no lines or weirdness of any kind. When you insert a floppy disk, it feels “solid” and “tight”. The eject button feels the same. Overall, it just feels good, not just in that awesome tactile way an mpc just generally feels, but in the way finding something old in pristine condition feels – really does feel (at the risk of sounding redundant) “fresh and tight”, if that makes sense.

Serial number begins with 40225, which would correspond to it’s date of production of March, 2002 (25 is the code for USA). It is a dead stock item from making it a really exciting and rare find!

The included factory options are:

Expanded to 32mb RAM (vs 2mb stock)
8 outs
FX board
SMTE chip

Also included in the auction is a rare and hard-to-find Microtech PCD-40 SCSI reader. The PCD-40 is the same as the sought after 47B, with the exception that is is mounted to an external case. It has a single PCMCIA slot, which allows you to use either a CF or SD card with PCMCIA adapter. The adapter is hot-swappable, and includes a PCMCIA CF adapter and 1gb CF card. It can be used with most vintage synth/samplers, as long as you have an adapter cable that ends in DB25. Most vintage samplers use DB25 to DB25 so I will include one of these cables so you have it, in addition to the HD50 to DB25 SCSI cable included for use with the MPC 2000xl. ” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

1 “Bought unit a few years ago and haven’t use it in the last while. Has been kept in a smoke free area. The pads have been replaced for the thicker pads with a better response. The os is running a older version of the JJOS, but it can be switched to the akai os if you choose to. This unit comes with the original manual and power supply. Thank you for looking.” Link

Akai MPC 4000 with SPDIF

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

4k“Used MPC4000 in Excellent Condition Overall. Only blemish on the right bottom corner and a few marks on the side panel were the stand was attached not noticeable . Everything else is in Excellent Condition Works as it should.
Screen is bright and with no lines or scratches Clean . If not for the small blemish this MPC 4000 would be mint. Akai MPC 4000 one of the best sounding drum machine out there, CD drive functional all ports work.
You can load 24 bit samples (without having to rename or convert them) directly with a USB thumb drive.
Insane FX and filters.
Great for hip hop, techno, house, electronic – you name it – functioning perfectly, excellent cosmetic condition.

272 MB RAM / 80 GB hard drive

MPC4000 MPC-4000 Drum Machine This Item is Very Heavy that is why the shipping is a fix price” Link

Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, OS3.10

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

kampc60“For sale is my Akai MPC 60 sampler / drum machine.

The memory has been expanded to 26.2 seconds of sampling time and the Roger Linn 3.10 software has been installed.

All buttons, dials, pads and disc drive are fully responsive and in good working order. There are no issues with the screen either.

Cosmetically, there are a few scratches on the item and the left side bracket is broken at the back but this does not impact usability.

Please note it has a U.S. plug but works perfectly with the adapter that I am including.” Link

Akai S950 with Expanded Memory

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

akais950“Classic 12 bit sampler, comes with max RAM. Well known for its use for drums. This specific unit used to belong to DJ Voda from early days of Ninja Tune Records (purchased from him 5 years ago) and I’m told it was used in many early NT tracks. Minor rack rash, good condition apart from that.” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

1k” 128MB RAM. JJOS 3.12. Fully functional. I got it in search of a sampler/drum machine and realized I didn’t have the time or patience for the learning curve. It’s an ultra-classic and someone out there can use this for what it’s meant to do: BIG BEATS.” Link

Akai MPC 60

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

mpc60 “Operation Manual included – as well as the ROM Upgrade Chip Set” Link

Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, OS3.10, SCSI, Internal Card Reader

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

60 ” Clean original MPC 60 with v3.10e OS. Fully expanded memory, SCSI Expansion, SD card read and write with hot swap capability. Perfect for modern DAW integration with Midi or FSK. Hot Swap allows MPC to be left on while loading and saving files. Missing side side panels (intentional for aesthetics). You can buy them online if you decide to get the stock look.

- Artmix Fuzin Monster SSCI SD Card Read/Write
- Marion SCSI installed
- Upgraded with new bright LCD panel.” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL with External Zip Drive Project Machine

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

2kxl ” Akai 2000 xl for parts or repair. Bought it from a friend and it worked for about 3 months then recently started not powering on. Item is sold as is and no returns.” Link

Akai MPC 1000

Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

blue mpc 1000 “Made in China. Case and power cord not included. Scratches and wear from normal use. All buttons, knobs, sliders and jacks are intact and function properly. Screen has a few scratches but no cracks.” Link

Akai S900

Monday Jul 27, 2015

akais900 “Very rarely used S900, Fully working and includes 55 discs with various samples.

Minty condition. Made in Japan.

S#-00641″ Link

Akai MPC 2000XL

Monday Jul 27, 2015

ACCESSORIES -Includes Power Supply for Jaz Drive, One Jaz Cartridge labeled “AKAI Sounds/Drums”, and IEC Power Cable for MPC. Unit does not include SCSI Cable required for connecting the Jaz Drive to the MPC.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Very Good! There are a couple small scratches and paint chips but overall the unit is clean.

WORKING CONDITION – Excellent. ” Link

Akai MPC 2000XL MCD with Internal Card Reader

Monday Jul 27, 2015

mpc2000xlmcd “I am selling all professional music equipments because they are gathering dust;AKAI 2000XL with professional drum kits and effective sample sounds, YAMAHA MM6, and KORG Electribe EA-1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer. All these three composing music equipments are perfectly working!(One knob for AKAI 2000XL is missing, but no scratch or any dent on the body.) The sounds of these music instruments are an awesome and very high qualities. You can compose songs like professional producers do. If you like hiphop, Akai 2000XL is a must item to make hiphop beat. Also, YAMAHA MM6 has the same sounds of MOTIF Pro series instruments and has a wide veriety of dynamic to help you compose great songs! KORG EA-1 has many functions, such as the ability to build analog-style sounds by using its waveform, filter, effect knobs. This amazing machine can help you create EDM sounds! You can make beat immediately with these professional music equipments.” Link

Akai MPC 2000

Monday Jul 27, 2015

2k ” Used Akai MPC 2000. Item includes power cord and MPC start up disk. It has been powered up and tested and works perfectly fine. All buttons and sample pads have been tested and work fine with no sticking or damage. The MPC includes power cable. ” Link

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Monday Jul 27, 2015

akiampc1k1000 “Up for Sale is my Blue and Red Akai MPC 1000. It has been Maxxed out with 128 MB of RAM.
It is in Excellent Condition. Used probably less than 8 times.

Comes with the AKAI 4 KB Compact Flash Card that came with it.. and power cord. I lost the original box and the manual in a move. ” Link

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