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SCSI Card Readers

Sunday Apr 24, 2011

Just got an e-mail from JD Wilson formerly of, announcing the launch of SCSI Card for all your SCSI card reader needs. Check it out if you’re looking for a SCSI device for any of your gear.

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Tutorial: Upgrading your MPC-2000XL’s RAM

Monday Aug 9, 2010

Nice detailed pictorial and tutorial on upgrading RAM in a MPC 2000XL posted over at This also applies to upgrading RAM in a MPC 2000.

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An additional source for replacement Akai MPC 2000 and MPC 2000XL LCD Screens

Monday Jun 7, 2010

It’s no secret that replacement screens for the MPC 2000 and the MPC 2000XL are difficult to find. Occasionally someone will find an unused screen long forgotten in a service center. But for the most part, users have had to resort to salvaging replacement screens from donor MPCs.

Well, did you know that Akai used the same LCD screen in their DPS 12 Recorder(which sells for much less than a used 2000/XL)?

As DPS-12s surface on eBay, I’ll be adding them to my daily updates.
In the meantime, search for Akai DPS 12 on eBay

manimani posted these photos below over at the Akai MPC Forums showing how he got the screen to work inside his MPC.

Inexpensive RAM for MPC 1000 MPC 2500 or MPC 500

Sunday Sep 27, 2009

Instead of shelling out more than $100 for the Akai branded EXM-128 RAM for the MPC 500, MPC 1000 or MPC 2500, check out this post over at to find out how to spec out cheaper 3rd party RAM.

Unless you have a local used PC store, eBay is probably your best bet in finding the RAM for your MPC.

To summarize the forum post, the type of RAM you need is one stick of 256 MB SODIMM 144 Pin CL3.

items, 0, $maxitems);

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Recession Gear: MPC-60 Sound on a Budget

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

Interesting post over at BeatStatus that rounds up some ideas on how to get that crunchy 12 bit sound while on a budget. Link

Don’t rule out the Roland S-330, or S-550 samplers either.Keep in mind that they don’t have the legendary Akai filter design, but are in that $100 price range.

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