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MPC 4000 PLUS – $1000 CL Chicago

Saturday Jan 24, 2009

On Craigslist in Chicago

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Akai S950, Expanded RAM CL Hollywood, CA

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

vintage akai 12 bit sampler. made famous by pete rock, dj premiere etc etc. everything works on the unit. memory is expanded. $225 obo Link

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Akai MPC 3000 Sampler Craigslist Brooklyn

Saturday Jan 17, 2009

“In great condition! – cosmetically as well as technically – Including Iomega Zipdrive, Zipdisks, cables. Only 1 button is missing.” Link

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MPC 60 Mk1, OS3.10, Max RAM, SCSI $450 Boston Craigslist

Friday Jan 16, 2009


A nice MPC 60 for sale.

Sample memory RAM is maxed out. Upgraded with SCSI interface and latest Roger Linn OS. Transport buttons and pad rubber recently replaced. Checked out and everything working well. I can also throw in a scsi zip drive or two, which work with the scsi interface so you don’t have to use floppies. Sorry, I don’t have any sound libraries to include, but these are easily available.

There are plenty of online resources for more info.

$450… located in downtown boston.” Link

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MPC 3000 with 250MB Zip Drive Jacksonville CL

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

On Craigslist in Jacksonville. “
Letting go of my prized MPC3000 with 8 outs, max memory and the 250 MB ZIP DRIVE. Asking $900″ Link

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MPC 60 Mk1 & Akai S950 CL Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

No price listed. Chicago Craigslist.


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MPC 3000 with padded gig bag CL NYC

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

Found on Craiglist NYC:

“If you’re serious about making beats, this is the one to have…the classic MPC-
The 3000 is the last MPC to have Roger Linn’s name on it,
and the last MPC to have that authentic MPC feel.
The new models (500, 1000, 2000, 2000XL, 2500, 4000, 5000) are toys
with a bunch of bells and whistles.
This is the real deal.

It’s in great condition.
Also includes manual, power cable, and MPC padded gig bag (see pic).” Link

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MPC 3000 LE CL Yonkers NY

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

MPC 3000 LE in Yonkers New York on Craigslist. A bit on the pricey side.
I have an AKAI MPC 3000 that I only used 5 times so its practically brand new and very clean. For all those djs and producers this is the limited edition. $1850. Link

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MPC 60 Mk 1, Max RAM, SCSI, OS3.1 CL Philadelphia

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

This one is on Craigslist in Philadelphia. More pictures on the listing:

“This is THE classic, original MPC. This is an MPC-60 mk1 with the tilt screen in excellent condition. This has been treated with care.

Strong backlight
SCSI Upgrade (you can use ZIP’s or an HD)
Max RAM (upgraded to 26.2 seconds, look in the pics)
OS 3.10 (makes it the same OS as the MPC-3000)” Link

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