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Akai S612 with Akai MD280

Monday May 25, 2020

“I am Selling an AKAI S612 sampler , with MD280 , quickdisks

The S612 sound is phenomenal and is the best sounding Machine ever made by the AKAI. This is old school kit and with a sound not available any more

This sampler is great as polifonic synth or drum synthesizer, to pitch, beef up and modulate drums samples .

It has an analog Filter and analog VCA to processes the signal which is the reason of it’s unique sound ! Also is unique the scanning of the waveform with the 2 faders that makes the work flow true fun really ( workflow is key often overlooked)

The s612 has been used and still is , by artists like Jeff Mills ,Efdemin ,Âme Etc

This item is untested but was working perfectly about a year ago, It has no power lead

Original instructions for MD280” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Akai S-612 with MD280 Disk Drive

Sunday Aug 11, 2019

“AKAI S-612 Vintage 12-BIT Sampler With Analogue LOW PASS FILTER S612. Condition is Used.

Very unique sampler with very unique tactile interface and 12 bit sound. If you are after some analogue 12 bit sound and don’t want to have to over pay for an sp1200 this is a great bargain

Great fun if you are bored of using your computer for sampling

Has an LFO/low pass filter and sample start/end time can be selected from sliders all in real time

it all works great the only thing is the monitor pot can be a little crackly sometimes but all the other functions work well

I will also include an MD280 and discs. I cannot get the md280 to work -I’m not sure if it’s the discs or the drive itself. It does get power and starts to load but just sticks and never loads the sample, I will include anyway and you might be able to fix it. ”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Akai S612 with Akai MD280

Thursday Jul 27, 2017

“old fully working S612 + MD280 in near mint condition… hard to find a second one today in this good shape. The unit´s was testet today and i have saved the spoken Date from Today “19.07.17” and a sneezing from me on the disk with the green point (-: The sampler come with 4 Quickdisk´s and a german manual. For further condition and was the offer include please look for the original pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Akai S612 with MD280

Sunday May 28, 2017

“Akai S612 being sold for parts and repair, no returns.
What You See Is What you get, the power knob is stuck in so it might just be that to get it going again.
makes a great parts unit or for someone willing to put in the Work equity to get this going again. The S612 is very hard to come by now and would make a great parts unit. Comes with a few used Quik Discs too with samples on them. Comes with Akai MD280 disk drive. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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