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Lot of Approximately 300 Quickdisks

Monday Mar 21, 2016

quickdisks “A large collection of original sound library and blank quick disks in varying condition. They have been sitting in an old leather suitcase for over 25 years so I cannot vouch for how well they work as the disk loader on my Akai S612 broke many years ago and there doesn’t seem to be anybody in the country who knows how to fix it. These disks are unique and invaluable to a Vintage Synth collector. A combination of Akai and Roland Sound Libraries, plus a large number of blank disks most of which contain samples made in my own and other studios. There are approximately 300 disks.” Link

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Large Lot of Quick Disks

Friday Oct 30, 2015

dq “Here is a small sample (ahem!) pardon the pun! I don’t know how many disks are here I’m guessing over 100 or there abouts, these are samples of all sorts of instruments, electronic and acoustic.

Going cheap just needs s good home so grab a bargain.” Link

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Lot of 10 Quick Disks

Monday Aug 31, 2015

quickdisks “Very rare collection of various original 1985 Akai S612 sample disks. There are 10 disks in total in Quick Disk format.

Sounds include various Percussion, Harps, Drums, Power & Reverb Kicks, Electric & Slap Bass, and Electric Guitars.” Link

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Akai S612 with Akai MD280 and 15 QuickDisks

Saturday Aug 29, 2015

612 ” A vintage sampler in excellent condition. Home use only.” Link

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Akai MD280 with 7 Quick Disks

Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

md280“Rare Akai MD-280 Quick Disk drive for Akai S612, 12 Bit Digital MIDI Sampler, with Quick Disks. I will include a few more disks once I find them. I know I have some more somewhere! in good clean condition for its age with only mild rack-rash, as to be expected, but untested recently so being sold strictly for spares and/or repairs. This is a spare i’ve had stored away for some time. I think somebody will be able to get some use out of it, and I have no reason to believe that it would not still be working, but as I no longer have an S612 sampler to test it with it’s being sold for spares/repairs with no returns accepted. please only bid or buy this item if you understand this as I will not accept returns. I will include a bunch of VERY rare Quick Disks with the item for the buyer. The manual can be found online, not that you’ll need it, it’s pretty self explanatory!” Link

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Lot of 23 QuickDisks

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

quickdisks “Verkaufe 23 Disketten mit Sounds und anderen Aufnahmen für den legendären AKAI S 612 Sampler !! Die Disketten sind teils in Diskettenschutzhüllen. Sie liefen beim letzten Mal vor einigen Jahren problemlos allerdings habe ich keinen S 612 Sampler mehr und kann daher keinen Test mehr machen. Sie lagerten Staub und Feuchtigkeits geschützt in einer Diskettenbox (gehört nicht zur Auktion) im Studio ! ” Link

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Lot of 10 QuickDisks

Friday May 16, 2014

“Quick disk set of 10. All double sided.

I don’t know what’s on them? Suitable for olf Roland samplers and sequencers, Korg sequencer and for many of the early AKAI samplers. AS IS. No buy back!” Link

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Lot of 10 Quick Disks

Monday Apr 7, 2014

“You are bidding on a lot of 10 Akai Quick Disks. These discs belonged to the owner of a music store and were kept in a climate controlled studio. These discs are in great condition and include the following:

204 Digital Organ/Digital Piano #3
206 Digital Stabs/Digital Chimes
203 Digital Orchestra/Digital Horn Stack
202 Digital Clav/Digital Voice Bell
201 Digital Bass/Digital Piano
Digital Trumpet/Digital Horn Pad
Loon 3/Loon 4
Loon 5/Loon 6
Snare/Hi Hat Closed
Snare/Bass Drum” Link

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Lot of 27 Quick Disks

Sunday Mar 2, 2014

“27 Stück QD Micro-Disketten 2,8” für ältere AKAI Sampler. Bespielt mit Samples für alle AKAI Sampler mit dem QD Laufwerk. ca. 30 Jahre alt. Ich gebe keine Garantie, dass die Disks noch funktionieren.” Link

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Akai X7000 with 19 Quick Disks

Monday Jan 6, 2014

“This was purchased new by my brother in the 1980s along with the other two keyboards I have for sale. He had them set up in his apartment for years, hence the dirty keys. He gave them to me because my son plays piano. However, he had no interest in them so they have been sitting in my music room for years taking up space. I know enough about keyboards to plug them in, turn them on, and touch the keys to hear if sounds are generated. That is all I did and everything appears to work the way that it should. Included are the original operator’s manual and nineteen 2.8” Quick Disks which are necessary to generate tones. This include the ten pack of QD2 reusable discs pictured as well as 9 Akai BL100 sampler disks numbered 103 through 105 and 201 through 206.” Link

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Lot of 12 Quick Disks

Monday Nov 18, 2013

“This auction is for 12 used Akai Quick Disks. I have no idea what’s on them, they may have been recorded over so I cannot guarantee the labels accurate describe the contents. The glue on the labels on the X7000 is brittle and the labels are falling off. Otherwise, what a find! These are like gold nuggets to someone using gear that requires this long out of production media. No Reserve.” Link

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Akai S700 with 72 Quick Disks

Saturday Nov 16, 2013

“AKAI professional S 700

Biete hier einen Akai S700 Sampler in gutem gebrauchten Zustand. Diplay ist 1A,leuchtet hell und hat keine Kratzer.

Dabeiist eine Soundlibrary mit ca. 72 Disketten… .

Optischtechnisch einwandfrei.” Link

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Akai S612 with MD280, 10 QuickDisks

Sunday Oct 6, 2013

Akai S612 sampler with MD280 disk drive.

Fully functioning and includes 10 quick disks. You can load samples via midi too if you want to

A brilliant bit of retro/vintage electronica in fantastic condition” Link

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Lot of Approx 100 Quick Disks

Sunday Sep 15, 2013

“Oh the horror of early samplers! Here is my collection of 2.8 in quikdisks for various samplers
including Akai S700 & X7000 . APPROX 100 Disks.” Link

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Lot of 7 Quick Disks $9.99 Shipped Buy It Now

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

“This auction is for seven AKAI BL100 DISKS in AS IS condition. Stored well. Unable to test.” Link

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Lot of 10 Quick Disks

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

“This auction is for the extremely hard to find Akai S-612 10 quick disk set called “Sounds of Japan”. These disks worked last I used them, and I have no reason to suspect the don’t still work fine, but because they are older magnetic media, they are sold as is.” Link

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Lot of 26 Quick Disks

Wednesday May 29, 2013

” of course used, but working condition, please ask for shipping costs to other countries
26 Pieces !” Link

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Lot of Quick Disks

Tuesday May 28, 2013


ich verkaufe disketten.

15 stück

ich habe alle fotografiert.

alle sind beschrifftet.

alle mit Hüllen

viel spaß…..” Link

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Akai S-612 with MD-280 and 65 Quick Disks

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

” This auction is for a Akai S-612 sampler and MD-280 quick disk drive. Both shows signs of use (scratches, scuffs, nicks, so on) The S-612 knobs for delay and tune are not original to this unit but they don’t look bad.

Also included in this auction are 65+ quick disks. None of the disks I used had issues but I haven’t gone through them all so I can’t vouch on the integrity of all the data therein.

Both the sampler and drive have been used by me so I know they are in great working order but they are vintage electronics and being sold as is. I will pack these items well to ensure they arrive safely.” Link

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Lot of 25 QuickDisks

Friday Mar 22, 2013

“This collection includes 25 pack disk that is generally used for the Akai X7000.
Item is sold as is” Link

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Akai S612 with MD280 and 10 QuickDisks

Saturday Mar 16, 2013

“AKAI S612 + MD280 SAMPLER DISK DRIVE Including10 Sample Disks Rare Vintage

welcome to our auction for the above items
we have no idea how to test these,we have put one of the disks in and pressed load , it makes a noise like it is reading something but has no play button
comes with 10 disk’s” Link

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Lot of Six QuickDisks

Sunday Jan 27, 2013

“Up for auction are six used Roland 2.8″ Quick Disks and one used Smith Corona 2.8″ DataDisk. These discs came from my old Roland S-10 sampler keyboard. They also work with the Roland S-220 and some older Akai samplers (the discs fit Akai, not the samples). I sold the keyboard long ago and just came across these discs. They should still have some home made samples on them, but I cannot guarantee that. I have no way to test them.” Link

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Lot of 12 QuickDisks

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

“Rare item.

Akai SL205 sampler disk set in 2.8″ floppy disk format

Made for the Akai S612 12 bit sampler although I’m led to believe they are also compatible with the other 12 bit samplers Akai released around the same time(early 1990s) such as the S700

I have never owned one of these samplers so have never had the chance to test these disks. But i can say they appear in good condition and have been well stored for a number of years.

This is the effect library and the disks are labelled as follows:

disk 41- quijada
disk 42- rain drops
disk 43- sound of water 1
disk 44- door 1
disk 45- rifle shot
disk 46- brake(car)
disk 47- electric drill
disk 48- cow
disk 49- flog voice
disk 50- cat meow” Link

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Akai X7000 with 8 Quick Disks

Monday Nov 26, 2012

“I am selling my AKAI X 7000 Model Sampling Keyboard in good working order. I am selling it with 8 Sound Library Disc as can be seen in the pictures. This is a great musical equipment in its own right. Its time to let it go. ” Link

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Lot of 13 QuickDisks

Thursday Nov 22, 2012

” Lot of 13 Akai BL100 disks in a little plastic baggy. Don’t have the tech to test them but I would expect they work, having been in storage by a composer for the last 20 years. Not certain what systems they work in other than the S612 (anything?) but I assume you won’t bid on these unless you know what they’re for.

Some of the disks are labeled and so probably contain samples already. I wonder what’s on there…” Link

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