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Akai S6000 with USB

Sunday Oct 30, 2016

s6000 “Very good condition, studio use only. USB expansion.” Link

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Akai S6000

Monday Aug 8, 2016

s6000 “The Akai S6000 Sampler V2 with TR-808, XLEAD, D-50 Samples Loaded. Plus Manual and Keyboard.


The Sampler was made at arguably the height of hardware samplers production (when they were used in pop records). Everything about this unit is professional. Check out the picture with the connections on the back of the unit.


Roland TR-808 Sample set.
Proteus XLEAD Arpeggios (A number of single samples).
Roland D-50 (A number of Multi-samples).
Korg M1 (A Strings sample).
Fazioli Grand Piano (multi-sampled)


This model has the following spec.
– Screen is clear and bright
– Operating System v2.14
– 64 note Polyphony
– Floppy
– 256 MB memory (The stick in slot 3 reports an error, I’ve recorded loads of samples into RAM in a single session and never run out)
– The plastic locking tabs which hold the bottom of the screen to the sampler have snapped off. It still connects to the sampler and holds it in place with the two locking nuts at the top. In use you’ll probably unscrew these and have the handy screen interface unit on your lap or on the desk anyway.
– SAMPLES Loaded (see list above)
– 9GB fixed H/D with lots of free space on it.” Link

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Akai S6000

Monday Feb 22, 2016

used mpc 2k “Akai S 6000
kein Livebetrieb

Privatverkauf – keine Garantie – keine Rücknahme” Link

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Akai S6000 with ADAT, USB

Thursday Feb 4, 2016

s6000 “Up for sale is my S6000. It is maxed out with options including ADAT interface, USB and a 300Gb drive, FX and max polyphony.

It works perfectly and sounds great but I have recently upgraded my main computer after resisting for a long time, so it is no longer needed.

The os is 2.12.

This works with ak.sys, which can still be found in the legacy section of Akai’s website.

You do need an older computer to run ak.sys, I am on a Mac and I have kept an ancient Mac mini going just to interface with the S6000.” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

s6000 “Akai S6000 Sampler Top Spec
In good condition, and full working order
Hard Drive
128 voice
256 ram
EB20 fx
USB card
long cable
16 outs” Link

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Akai S6000

Friday Dec 18, 2015

s6000 “m Kundenauftrag zu verkaufen:

AKAI S6000 Sampler ohne OVP !!!

Artikel ist nur mit Netzgerät so wie in original Fotos geprüft ( alle Tasten gehen ) da es schon abgebaut war können wir nichts weiter sagen , Bedienteil läst sich nicht mehr rasten da Muttern fehlen ,Optisch hat es Lagerspuren ( original Folie ist noch Beklebt ) ohne OVP für Profis zum Versteigern !

Der angegebene Preis ist differenzbesteuert gemäß §25a Umsatzsteuergesetz. In der von uns erstellten Rechnung können wir die MWST aus diesem Grunde nicht ausweisen.

Bitte betrachten Sie die Bilder (sind Bestandteil der Verkauf ) , um sich selber einen Eindruck zu verschaffen. Bei etwaigen Fragen oder weiteren Detailfotos bitte mailen.

Schauen Sie doch auch in unsere weiteren Angebote. Vielleicht können Sie ja ein Schnäppchen machen und Versandkosten sparen! Beim Erwerb mehrerer Artikel werden nur 1x Versandkosten berechnet.

Diese Kosten gelten für den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands, ohne Inseln. Soll ein Versand außerhalb erfolgen, so bitten wir, diese Möglichkeit und die Höhe der dann entstehenden Kosten vor Auktionsende mit uns zu klären.” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Saturday Oct 31, 2015

s6000 “Akai S6000 Sampler Top Spec
In good condition, and full working order” Link

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Akai S6000

Wednesday Jul 8, 2015

s6k “Akai S6000 S 6000 Pro Sampler In Excellent Condition

Here for sale is the top of the range Akai Sampler. It is in Excellent Condition and Works Perfectly. It is very clean with hardly a mark on it.(One of the little pieces of plastic on the sampler is loose but the screen still holds in place fine with the other one and the screw luggs).

It comes with the Short Screen Lead.

The sampler has 88 meg of ram, 16 analog outs, 64 voices of polyphony and is running operation system os 2.14

Please see pics for condition and installed components.” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB, External SCSI Drives, Flight Case

Friday Mar 20, 2015

s6000 “Has been used there is a small amount of damage to the flight case and the front of the HDD caddy see photos and one of the thumb screws that hold the detachable screen in place doesnt catch on the captive nut” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Thursday Nov 20, 2014

s6000“Condition: This Akai S6000 sampler was owned by Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) of New York City and was handled and operated by professionals at all times as well as transported in an ATA flight case for the entirety of its stay. This sampler has been maintained and tested for quality assurance by our experienced quality control techs.” Link

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Akai S6000 with SCSI

Wednesday Oct 15, 2014

s600 “This Akai pro S6000 comes in good working order.
The sampler comes loaded with 36GB Internal hard drive, 256MB of sampling RAM, 128 polyphony, 32 MIDI channels and 16 outputs. The samplers software version is 2.14.

Cosmetically the unit is in good used condtion but does show signs of usage and has the companies item code engraved on the front (see pics).” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Monday Jul 28, 2014

” I’ve decided to downsize and sell off some of my studio gear and this hasn’t been used in along time. This has been in storage for the past 3 years and when it was in my studio it had very light use. Included in the sale is 181Gb external hard drive, which comes with a 13Gb sample, loop and beats library( 168Gb free space). This sampler has the full 256 meg of ram fitted and also has the optional usb card fitted too. This machine is in very good condition and shows no signs of wear on any knobs, buttons or sockets. There aren’t that many Akai S6000’s that come up for auction on ebay in this good condition and with this high spec, so if you are looking for one of these samplers this is a near pristine machine.

Included in this auction is

S6000 sampler
S6000 manual
181 Gb external hard drive( with active terminator)
2 x mains leads
3 x SCSI leads
1 x USB lead” Link

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Akai S6000 with ADAT, USB

Wednesday Jul 16, 2014


256Mb RAM



There is damage to the S/PDIF Digital Input & Output Connectors on the rear of the unit (see image for details), But as ADAT is installed this should not be a problem. 🙂

There is currently a Seagate Barracuda Hard Disc installed but the Hard Drive has not been tested.” Link

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IB-ID2SC IDE-SCSI Bridge Adaptor for Akai S5000, S6000

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

“Up for sale is the Akai IB-ID2SC IDE to SCSI Bridge Adapter that was released for the S5000/S6000 series of samplers. This allows you to connect an IDE hard drive or device to an internal SCSI port in those samplers. I have read on some forums that this can work in some of the MPCs. This has a I-O Data chipset simliar to the IOData IDSC21. Comes with IDE cable, SCSI cable, power cable that connects to IDE drive and mounting hardware. The mounting hardware allows this to mount on the top of a ide hard drive. This has been in a S5000, however I have upgraded to a SCSI card reader so I no longer need this. This is a working pull, works well. Please check compatibility with your system before purchasing, unfortunately I am not a SCSI guru. ” Link

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Akai IB-ID2SC IDE-SCSI Bridge $99 Buy It Now

Wednesday May 29, 2013

IDE-SCSI Bridge released for the Akai S5000 and S6000 Series Samplers. May work in other Akai units.

“Hello, selling my akai scsi to ide interface….brought it from sam ash and never used it” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Monday May 27, 2013

“Boxed Akai S6000 with USB card, Effects Card and 64MB RAM.

Also includes Instruction manual and Akai Sample Library CD-ROM.” Link

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Akai S6000 Project Machine

Saturday May 25, 2013

“1999 Akai sampler. Screen no longer comes alive on power up – it might be just a faulty screen cable.

Has 256mb of RAM and a Seagate Barracuda hard drive (capacity not shown on outside of Drive)” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Tuesday May 14, 2013

“Up for auction is a Akai S6000 Midi Sampler V2.14 USB ON BOARD,256MD,128 VOICES in working order and good condition. This unit comes comes from a sound company. Sorry this item does not come with any paperwork. This unit has some minor scratch marks and cosmetic flaws.please see photo before bidding.what you see if photo is what you bidding on. ” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Saturday May 4, 2013

“It’s finally time for me to retire my old friend. I’ll miss it, it still has that classic sound that nothing else does. This unit comes with a 9GB internal SCSI HD, 256 MB Ram, 128 Voice card, USB card (for transferring files via PC/MAC) 16 ins 16 outs, detachable face unit with extra long cable so that it can be operated via the panel away from your rack! It is arguably the best sampler ever made for the detachable face and unique sound alone. Want that classic sample sound we grew up with in the 90’s? This is the unit for you.” Link

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Akai S6000 with Internal Jaz Drive

Saturday Feb 2, 2013

“You are bidding on a USED Akai S6000 sampler in VERY GOOD condition. No accessories included– just the unit itself. Original Factory specs (i.e. no special upgrades were done to it).” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB, ADAT Expansion Cards

Monday Dec 31, 2012



– ADAT card fitted giving 16 ins / outs.

– USB Card fitted – control it from your PC/Mac.

– 9 Gb Internal hard disk.

– 256 Mb RAM.

– 128 note polyphony.

– SampleVerbII (EB20) 20-bit 4-Channel Multi-effects Processor.

– Extension lead between the detachable panel and the unit.

Please note:

the Akai S6000 remote control panel no longer screws into

the main frame sampler because of a broken tab but the machine has always

worked perfectly with the extension lead (included) because of it’s ease of use on a desktop.” Link

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Akai S6000

Saturday Dec 29, 2012

“This is an Akai s6000 sampler. It’s in good condition, but shows its age a bit. Some cosmetic flaws, scratches, nicks on the case. Scratches on the plastic covering the screen, but does not affect the display. Works perfectly fine. Installed a new extension cable. 256mb RAM. USB card. OS 2.11. Comes with power cord.” Link

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Akai S6000 with External CD-ROM Drive

Thursday Dec 13, 2012

” Up for auction is my akai s6000. In perfect working order. Only thing wrong is word clock port is bent some. It was like that when i bought it. Otherwise great condition.

Auction includes:
–akai s6000(with power cable)
–128 voice
–efx card
–256 mb memory
–50 gb internal memory
–external cdrom(with scsi and power cables)
–10 discs of sounds
–6ft cable for detachable face & factory cable” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Sunday Nov 25, 2012

“Akai S6000 Sampler

USB Card Fitted plus EB20 FX Card
Good condition

The photograph of the screen in close up has flash discolouration – this is not on the actual machine – the Akai screen is perfect.” Link

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Akai S6000 with USB

Monday Oct 29, 2012

“AKAI S6000

Operating system 2.14
128 Voices
208MB Ram
Fx board
USB Option and the ak.sys software
16 Outs
2.1Gb Hard
Sample cd’s
USB cable
Screen extension cable
Power cable
16 mono-8 stereo loom
2x6m midi cables
Neutrik Phono-Xlr adaptors ” Link

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