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Lot of 2 Akai S900 Samplers

Saturday Jan 20, 2018

“2 x Akai S900. One works one does not, the one that isn’t working I think the disk drive might be faulty and it blows the fuse. Not the brightest of displays on the working one but can still be easily operated and comes with a free floppy disk to save your samples on! 8 outputs on both and 12bit loveliness to the sounds! Oh! These came out of the famous Strongroom Studios in London!!!” Link

Akai S900

Monday Nov 6, 2017

“Akai S900 Sampler, viele Sounds, V. 2.1, VINTAGE Rarität
Leider gibt der S900 keinen Ton mehr aus und wird deshalb als defekt für Bastler verkauft!
Mitgeliefert werden ein Berg an Sounds auf Diskette und die Version 2.1 ebenfalls auf Disk.
Es empfiehlt sich, beim Anschalten immer die 2.1 zu laden, da sonst Disks, die unter dieser Version erstellt wurden, teilweise nicht lesbar sind.
Es fehlt ein Knopf bei Output und beim Monitor-Regler die Kappe.

Alle Funktionen scheinen ordnungsgemäss zu laufen, das Display bzw. die LEDs zeigen immer das an, was erwartet wird, selbst Fehlbedienung.
Auch MIDI-Meldungen kommen entsprechend & richtig an (es gibt im Menü eine Testseite).
Durch die fehlende Tonausgabe kann ich es jedoch akustisch nicht überprüfen.

Das Gerät wurde getestet und funktioniert entsprechend obiger Beschreibung; es hat in meinem Analog-Studio gute Dienste geleistet. Wegen Umstellung auf ein reines Digital-Studio steht es nun zum Verkauf. Es sollte innerhalb einer Woche nach Auktionsende abgeholt werden, Standort ist München-Schwabing.” Link

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Akai S900 Project Machine

Monday Sep 4, 2017

“AKAI S900 Sampler.

Presumed not working. Sold as seen for Spares / Repairs Only.

No Power Cable.” Link

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ASK-90 Expansion Board For Akai S900 Sampler

Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

“I’m selling a Ask-90 Drum trigger board for the Akai S900. It was installed in my sampler before the sampler broke. I never used it but it should be working fine. The picture is not from the actual board but the board looks apparently fine. ” Link

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Akai S900

Monday May 1, 2017

s900 “hi i have for sale akai studio sampler unit good condition” Link

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Akai S900 Project Machine

Monday Apr 10, 2017

s900“Up for grabs is my akai s900 sampler
Only ever used as part of a bedroom studio setup until the display stopped working.
I intended to replace the display but never got round to it hence the bargain start price. ” Link

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Akai S900

Tuesday Mar 7, 2017

akais9500 “Akai s900 sampler in very good condition. Missing. One knob . can not test missing lead. .so selling. Cheap. Too clear from a studio in London More item to sell.” Link

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Akai S900

Wednesday Feb 22, 2017

s900 “Classic vintage sampler. Has that warm Akai sound that thickens anything you put into it. Famous in countless hip hop and early rave music” Link

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Akai S900 Project Machine

Monday Dec 5, 2016

s900 ” Wegen fehlender Erfahrung im elektrischen Bereich, verkaufe ich dieses Akai Digital Sampler S900. LCD screen kaputt.
Ich verkaufe das Gerät als Bastlerobjekt, für Ersatzteile, als Reperaturobjekt und Defekt!!!” Link

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Akai S900

Tuesday Nov 15, 2016

s900 “For sale is an Akai S900 12-bit sampler in great functional and cosmetic condition. Upgraded with a brand new Gotek HxC emulator and a brand new midnight blue LED screen from Retroillumimation (saint baz).

From a smoke and pet free environment, no rack ears or manual. Mains lead will be supplied. Control knob not as grippy as it once was.” Link

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Akai MPC 60 with Akai S900

Monday Nov 14, 2016

mpc60s900 “Akai MPC60 MK1 sampler/sequencer (OS2.12) and Akai S900 and 12-bit sampler (OS1.2) both in good condition and being sold together as a pair. No upgrades to either machine all original components still in place so could do with updating. Some age related marks check the photos which form part of the description. From a smoke and pet free environment both units are clean and work as they should.” Link

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Akai S900 with ASK-90

Thursday Oct 27, 2016

s900ask90 “Akai s900 sampler , good working order but is sold as is due to age.
Comes with drum trigger board installed.” Link

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Akai S900

Monday Jul 18, 2016

s900 ” Er wurde seit mehr als 10 Jahre nicht mehr benutzt. Bevor er auf den Dachboden kam funktionierte er aber einwandfrei. Da ich ihn nicht mehr ausprobieren kann stelle ich ihn als defekt ein.Keine Gewährleistung” Link

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Akai S900 with HxC Floppy Emulator

Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

900 “Selling one of my backup Akai S 900s. Brand new blue screen without power inverter noise, HxC SD floppy emulator. Includes an sd card from me that has lots of raw samples, breaks, and floppy images. No Rack ears and missing the output volume knob cap but everything is fully functioning. real deal classic.” Link

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Akai S900 with ASK-90 Expansion

Thursday Jun 9, 2016

s900ask90 “Aka s900 with ask 90 trigger expansion.

Could do with a new display as it’s a bit low.

This Is in good condition and these are increasing in price so grab this while you can

Selling to fund an octatrack ” Link

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Akai S900

Monday May 16, 2016

akai_s900 ” Here is an Akai S900 which works great but has a crack in the volume knob. Otherwise, it’s in nice overall shape. ” Link

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Akai S900

Monday May 9, 2016

The back-light has been upgraded from the original back-lit LCD to a modern super easy to read and comfortable to work with LED Screen. The screen is AMAZING to work with. Although the pic makes it look a bit funky, it is super bright white text on blue background, and evenly lit. Couldn’t get a really good picture of it due to the fact that it is so bright and OLED screens are notoriously difficult to photograph, but you get the jist.The floppy drive has been replaced with a super rare NEW drive. This update will give you YEARS of service and brings it’s screen visibility into the 21st century! All sampler functions tested and working!

It has 1.2 chips (most recent) which allow you to run Akai OS V4.0 and bring the functionality on par with the s950 (available separately on the internet and eBay).” Link

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Akai S900

Friday May 6, 2016

akais90 “Classic 12 bit sampler from akai.
In good cosmetic and working condition.

1.2 operating system.” Link

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Akai S900

Tuesday May 3, 2016

s900 “Bootet nicht, sonst ok. Ganze obere Zeile des Displays zeigt Blöcke an.” Link

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Akai MPC 2000 with SMPTE, 8-outs

Tuesday May 3, 2016

akaimpc2k ” Akai mpc 2000 classic in good condition; has some scratches on case, pre-gain and volume knobs are sunken in a bit but WORK PERFECTLY, absolutely no functional flaws, pads work like new, 8 out expansion is added (tested and working, came with it as I bought it like this), also has a an iomega zip100 plus scsi drive (also tested and works perfectly) with 3 disks bought brand new (only used one), and of course floppy with version 1.72 os. Floppy drive has no issues other than once in a blue moon it doesn’t read the boot disk when started up but then reads it when turned off than on again, which is very common for anything that uses floppy. In short, there is a few minor cosmetic blemishes but it works as inteded and has 8 out expansion as well as scsi drive with 3 100mb zip disks, and os floppy (which can be saved to a zip as well.)” Link

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Akai S900

Saturday Feb 13, 2016

akais900 “Akai s900 version 1.2 os, disk drive is working, backlight a bit dim, but still readable, comes with original power lead, will be packed well for shipping, happy bidding and thanks for looking.” Link

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Akai S900 Project Machine

Monday Nov 30, 2015

s900 “Used, vintage Akai S900 digital sampler for parts or repair. This was working fine, but then suddenly stopped powering up. Possibly a power supply issue, but I have not been able to fully diagnose.

Top and bottom case have heavy rack wear. Front and back panels are in good condition, with some light signs of wear. Some knobs are missing. See photos for details.” Link

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Akai S900

Friday Nov 20, 2015


This was only tested to power up. No disks included.


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Akai S900 with ASK-90 Expansion

Friday Nov 13, 2015

s900ask90 “In working condition – all buttons and the data wheel, MIDI ports, individual outs and rec in connections are fully functional – but there are some issues:

– The front output volume/pan combination pot does not work (it hasn’t done since I bought the unit in 1997). This does not affect the volume of the individual outputs on the rear.

– The LCD backlight does not work. I can’t remember if it ever did, but there are replacement kits available on eBay.

– I have, unfortunately, lost the rack ears and the screws that secure the top panel.

– Cosmetically, there are many scratches and residue marks from masking tape. No dents or anything that impedes usage, however.

– Although the ASK90 drum trigger expansion is installed, I have never used it and can therefore not vouch for its condition.

This will still be ideal for anybody looking for the classic early S-series 12-bit sound, or indeed anyone who fancies restoring a legendary sampler.

Comes with additional OS4.0 floppy disk.” Link

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Akai S900 with ASK-90 Expansion

Tuesday Nov 3, 2015

aks90 “Generalüberholter Akai S900 mit neuem LED Display!

Die Legende aus der Akai S-Serie.

Absolutes Kultgerät! Einzigartiger warmer analoger 12 bit vintage Sound!

Es handelt sich hier um die Japan Version (qualitativ besser als die China Version)


– Gereinigtes Gerät aus tierfreiem Nichtraucherhaushalt.

– Neue Sicherungen wurden eingesetzt.

– Internes Netzteil wurde neu verlötet!

– Stromanschluss wurde nach EU Norm auf Kaltgerätestecker (C13)(PC Stromanschlusskabel) umgebaut.
Man benötigt nicht mehr das seltene veraltete zweipolige (C10) Kabel. Durch den Umbau ist das Gerät, im gegensatz zu vorher, nun ordnungsgemäß geerdet und kann mit einem handelsüblichen Kaltgerätestecker (PC Stromkabel ist im Lieferumfang inbegriffen) betrieben werden.

– Neues LED Display somit ist die Gefahr eines pfeifenden Inverters ausgeschlossen da das Display durch LED´s beleuchtet wird statt mit Leuchtfolie. Bessere Leuchtkraft wie auch Kontrast!
Auf den Fotos wirkt die Farbe des Display´s türkis.(liegt wohl an der Handykamera) Deshalb habe ich das letzte Bild aus dem Internet hinzugefügt, die die wahre Farbe des Display´s zeigt. Schönes sattes blau.

– Kein Live Einsatz. Wurde ausschließlich nur im Studio betrieben.

– 8x Outputs

– ASK 90 8x Inputboard (sehr selten und ein must have laut einschlägiger Berichte) ” Link

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