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Lot of Approx 100 Quick Disks

Sunday Sep 15, 2013

“Oh the horror of early samplers! Here is my collection of 2.8 in quikdisks for various samplers
including Akai S700 & X7000 . APPROX 100 Disks.” Link

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Lot of 300 Akai S900 Sample Disks

Monday Jul 12, 2010

“This library has it all. Having a large library of sounds can only make you more creative. The sounds range from typical piano to fairlight voices – from moog basses to string orchestra. There is also a SFX section with the library. So, it’s pretty comprehensive. If you have an S-900, this is the library that will make the S-900 one of your go to sounds. I’ve random checked the discs and all that I tried worked. Although I cannot guarantee every disc I’m sure there will be a lot of good sounds and I tested at least 20 % of the library. I know these were taken care of in the disc boxes, which also come with the library. ” Link

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Large Lot of Akai Sample Disks

Saturday Feb 20, 2010

170dsamp “You will never see so many Akai S1000 floppies in one place! They came with my second-hand S1000 and are copies – not originals – of 1980s/90s Akai and third-party sample sets, which I believe are no longer available for sale anywhere. When I acquired this collection, I tested every single floppy and they all worked except for two of them (see list below). They have been in their sturdy boxes ever since and are now looking for a new home. I would be happy to re-test any floppy or series of floppies upon request but please note that I am not willing to split this collection in any way so please don’t ask me for a copy of any portion of it. A handful of discs were created by the sampler’s previous owner and seven of them may be in S3000 format, which can be read by S1000 and S1100 samplers running OS4.40″ Link

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AKAI MPC-5000 Sampler

Sunday Oct 4, 2009

Courtesy of 7sick0Productions on YouTube

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Lot of 4 CD3000 CD-ROMS

Saturday Aug 8, 2009

“Akai Sound library CD Roms are compatible with Akai S2800 / 3000 / CD3000 / 3200 samplers. 2 of the CDs are special limited versions:- 1 of the acclaimed ‘Dance / Industrial’, 2 with excerpts from the world’s best drum and percussion CD-Rom libraries. The other 2 discs have libraries which contain piano / orchestra / brass / organ / drums / sfx / bass / ethnic / guitar / harps / keyboard / strings / synth / wind and others.” Link

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Lot 9 AKAI Sound Library Original Floppy Disks

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

“You are bidding on the Lot 9 AKAI Sound Library Original Floppy Disk

1. SL581 Multi Sound #1
2. SL583. Dry Kit
3. SL582/ Synth Sound #1
4. Disk #1 Standard Set
5. Disk #2 Funk Set
6. Disk #1 Studio Set and System All
7. Disk #2 Rock Set and System All
8. Disk #3 Dry Set and System All
9. Disk #4 Synth. Set and System All

Comes as-is, because I do not have equipments to test it.” Link

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Lot of 59 Sample Floppy Disks

Wednesday Jul 1, 2009

“27 floppy disk from sample kings tons of sounds.and midi marks floppy 32 of them.let me no if u like.” Link

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Lot of 213 Sample Disks for Akai S950

Saturday Jun 6, 2009

“GEAT LIBRARY of samples. Used mainly in a Akai S950 midi digital sampler for many studio recordings since 1980s. Every sound imaginable, you will have a hard time finding some of those. Samples come from famous rock, pop, country etc., bluegrass and classical musicians. A library off (~213 diskettes) total, there is just about every sound in this set from strings, horns, drums, classical, rock, country, guitars and God knows what! You are getting the entire set shipped to you in these plastic containers, just as you see them in these pictures. Thanks for bidding and I hope you create good music with it. They all work. Write if you have a question. ” Link

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Akai S612 Sampler, MD280 & 10 Quick Disks

Saturday Apr 25, 2009

“This is an Akai S612 rackmount Midi sampler with a MD280 mini floppy disc drive and 10 discs and manuals for both the sampler and the disc drive. This sampler is pretty basic: It samples at 12 bits, it is controlled by a MIDI keyboard and saves samples to mini floppy discs. It is from 1985 and, I think, has a real analog filter on the output. It is in good condition overall with some scuffs and scratches and one of the control knobs is a bit loose due to part of it’s supporting post being broken. I’ve owned this sampler since way back when and it hasn’t been used in a number of years but I powered it up and it still works, and it reads samples from the disks with no problems.” Link

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Akai S1000HD, many floppy disks, owned by Joe Satriani

Friday Apr 24, 2009

“This is Akai s1000HD with a new Hard Drive and screen with only a few hour of use. This thing works perfect comes with three cases of samples with sounds from profits, farelights, moogs, drums, horns, strings, piano,s ound efx’s, and much much more!!!! I bought this from a guitar tech that worked for Satriani. It also has a manual. I used this with my guitar synth and it was killer!!! The sounds alone are worth what I’m asking for the whole setup…. shipping is a bit high due to the weight of sampler and disks.” Link

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Akai S2000 Sampler with at least 192 sample disks

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

“I have for sale my S2000 which was upgraded to 16mb of memory and owned by myself since new. It comes with a manual, 4 original Akai disks + a sample libarary I have built myself in 5 boxes with approximately 192 disks. The samples are mainly for dance, drum and bass and electronica styles. Due to the size and weight of the S2000 this is availible for pick-up only and I live about 7 miles south of Manchester Airport. The sampler has a couple of scratches on the top of the unit + some rackmount hole “gash” but otherwise it is in mint condition and fully working.” Link

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Akai S612 Sampler with MD280 Drive

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

Looks like it comes with 4 quick disks — easily worth the starting price of the auction.

“you are bidding on n AKAI S-612 digital midi sampler with MD-280-QD disc drive. unit is in nice shape and everything works!! has not seen the outside of my studio from way back. i know its an older unit but someone may have use for it.” Link

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Large Lot of 169 Sample Disks

Saturday Mar 28, 2009

“You are bidding on sound kits used in the MPC 2000, the Mpc 2000xl, also the AXR X pro, and the MPC 60. There are over 30,000 sounds from kick bass snares, hithats, 808′s, plus many more. The discs use to belong to a real big producer who is no longer doing music he made hits from Mobb Deep, Red Man, Busta, and many more. All the beats on the discs you will own and be free to do whatever with them. Happy bidding! This aution is for 169 discs plus one cleaning disc.” Link

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Lot of 110 Floppy Disks for MPC 60

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

“Hallo, on sale a rare collection of samples for AKAI MPC60 in a library of more than 110 floppy disks.
This library is the result of 15 years of professional sampling and includes, literally, hundreds and hundreds of any sound source: drums, vocals, pianos, stabs, keyboards. effects, loops, sci-fi, movies dialogues,
percussions, orchestral etc.etc.
I just tested 15 different disks randomly, and they all worked. The disks have always been kept in a clean environment and far from any magnetic source.
This is a RARE chance to dramatically increase your mpc library with a huge collection of samples that nobody else has.
The library will be shipped with its custom flight-case, for the ultimate protection during the journey to the winner.” Link

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EastWest Pro Samples Drum and Bass Sample cd

Friday Mar 20, 2009

“Up for bids is EastWest’s ProSamples Vol 03 Drum & Bass 1 (from Drum & Bass) 2 CD set. This 2-disk set is in perfect condition. The liner notes and digi-pack are also intact. CD 1 is in Audio and AKAI formats. CD 2 is in ACID, Aiff, EXS24, Halion, and Wav formats.
Drum & Bass 1 features the most amazing collection of grooves and breakdowns, all in a construction kit format, from EastWest’s top-rated DRUM & BASS CONSTRUCTION KITS, which received 9/10 from Keyboard Magazine. You get cutting edge Drum & Bass loops plus all of the individual loop components from NYC producer and sound design guru James Bernard. First you get the complete loop, followed by the drum part, sub-bass part, synth pads and individual drum hits. Everything is broken down. Use as much, or as little of each loop as you want. Thousands of combinations are possible, so you can truly customize each loop to suit your track! Production is super clean with loads of punch, and the syncopated high energy drum programming is second to none; the synthesized bass is designed to move lots of air from sub-woofers, and you get some of the fattest synth patches you’ll find anywhere.” Link

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Akai S2000 Sampler, External CD, 2 Kid Nepro Discs

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

“Akai S2000 Sampler
Apple CD300 SCSI CD-ROM Drive
SCSI Interface Cable
CD Caddy
Kid Nepro Sampler Discs:
* Elite Sample Library
* Elite 3: Killer Keyboards

Everything is in great condition and ready to go.” Link

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Lot of 55 Sample CDs

Friday Mar 13, 2009

“Up for sale is my entire sampling collection. Fifety Five CDs (plus a few extra bonus CDs not listed) of content for plenty of samplers. I used these with my E-mu ESI sampler, then with my Akai when I moved to it, and finaly with my software samplers before I recently stopped playing much music anymore. With the cross compatability of samplers and their ability to load samples from other formats I have run into almost no problem using these discs with just about any sampler I threw them at. I will ship these without the jewel cases but with all the inserts and books that I have to save on shipping. If you prefer to have the jewel cases too just let me know and I will increase the shipping cost and send them with for you in the final invoice. Here is a list of most of what is included:

E-mu ESI series:
E-mu sample library Vol 1: Emulator Standards
E-mu sample library Vol 2: More Emulator Standards
E-mu sample library Vol 3: Orchestral
E-mu sample library Vol 4: Sound FX
E-mu sample library Vol 5: World Instruments
E-mu sample library Vol 6: World Percussion
E-mu sample library Vol 7: E-mu Classics
E-mu sample library Vol 8: Vintage
E-mu sample library Vol 10: Elements Of Sound
E-mu sample library Vol 12: ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset
E-mu sample library Vol 13: Dance 2000
E-mu sample library Vol 15: Dan Dean Bass Collection
E-mu sample library Vol 16: 26 Studio Drim Kits And Percussion
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 1: Hip-Hop Nation
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 2: Techno Trance
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 3: Analog Odyssey
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 4: Earth Tones
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 5: Protozoa
E-mu Systems Sound Library: WCC.. Green
Sonic Arts: Sounds Of The 70s
ESI-Turbo Sounds (2 Floppies…also including a CD version for those without floppy drives)

E-mu EOS / Ultra Series:
Rob Papen: Techno Synth Construction Yard
E-mu Definative Series: Millennium Synths
E-mu Producer Series Vol 6: Analogia Project

East West: Dance Industrial
East West: Tekno / Industrial
Sounds Good: EuroTech
AMG Producer Series: Komputer Inside

Multi Format:
Zero-G: Pure Mayhem
Zero-G: Akai S5000 S6000
AMG Difffusion Series: Kleptomania by Coldcut
AMG Difffusion Series: Skip To My Loops by Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim)
Time Space: Techno Prisoners
Future Loops Vol. 2
Drum n Bass
Funk Collection
Bass Essentials
Breakbeat Vol. 2
Atmospheric Samples
Future Music (6 different)

East West: Dance Industrial
East West: Tekno / Industrial
Sounds Good: House
Sounds Good: Country
Sounds Good: G-Soul
Sounds Good: Roots Reggae” Link

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Sunday Feb 15, 2009


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Sunday Feb 15, 2009

Compatible with Akai Format Link

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Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass & Akai Volume One XL Sample CDS

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

“This auction is for a used copy of the Akai version of Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass CDR, complete with original guide booklet, and the original Akai Volume One XL CD – ROM Sound Library, also including original guide booklet. The CDR’s and booklets are in great shape, the jewel cases show use.” Link

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Ueberschall Drum N Bass Res. Akai Sound Library Sample CD

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

“This auction is for the Akai version of Ueberschall Drum N Bass Resonance CDR. This is the original, NOT a copy. Also included is the original CD cover booklet that lists the loops and samples for easy navigation. The CDR and booklet are in great shape. (The jewel case is cracked.) This CDR is the precursor to the new Drum N Bass fast forward.” Link

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EastWest Ultimate String Collection Sample

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

“This auction is for the Akai version of East West’s The Ultimate Strings Collection CDR. This is the original, NOT a copy. Also included is the original guide booklet which is very helpful for navigating the CDR. It is in good condition and retails for $199.95 It is compatible with Emu and many other formats.” Link

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Spectrasonics Bass Legends Sample CD

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

“This auction is for the Akai version of Spectrasonics Bass Legends Vol. 1 double CDRs. These are originals, not copies. They are in very good condition and include the original liner notes and guide booklet, which is very helpful in navigating the CDRs. They currently retail new for $199.” Link

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Akai BL100 Quick Disc 205 Digital Horn Pad

Friday Feb 13, 2009

“This disc has been hanging around for many years. It was left over from a stack of them that we sold off. Great for anyone still using their old school sampler.” Link

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Spectrasonics Symphony Of Voices

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

This retails for 10x the opening bid. Link

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