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Akai CD3000

Thursday Jul 26, 2018

“AKAI Rare CD3000i Sampler Player

I got quite a bit of use out of this sampler, but I am now selling as I am low on funds.
This is great for sampling other keyboard instruments and storing the sound you capture on either CD or floppy disk. It’s also great for sampling from CD’s if sampling other peoples music for beats is your thing. If you are looking to downsize your keyboard collection this is a worthwhile investment as it will let you archive your favorite electric piano sounds or synthesizer patches to be recalled at a later date. It’s also great for capturing one off percussive sounds to lower or raise the pitch. I had fun playing around with the tone from a wine glass.

Comes with manual, lead, floppy disks case, rack for mounting to a surface and I am throwing in a free midi cable for your external midi keyboard because I’m nice that way. ”
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