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Akai MPC 1000

Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

“Well-cared-for MPC1000 BK


JJOS 2XL ver. 3.69.

128MB RAM.

16GB Flash Card


I’m a retired New York City drummer with 35 years’ experience. I bought this MPC1000 5 years ago, left NYC and returned to the Midwest. I know longer have the patience or desire to work with outboard gear.

I’ve been using a software DAW and have moved away from and sold most of my outboard gear.

This MPC has been sitting on a shelf with only occasional use! Something about being an acoustic drummer and moving to a drum machine. OLD SCHOOL HANG-UPS! 🙂

This unit has no “gotchas” – the CF slot works, all inputs and outputs work, all pads, sliders, buttons and encoders work.

This is the perfect unit to jump into the world of the MPC 1000 or up grading to a virtually new MPC” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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