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Akai MPC 1000 Project Machine

Sunday Dec 22, 2013

” Hi. This lovely baby has great potential if given some TLC. The MPC 1000 comes with the power cord, USB, and 256mb A-Tech memory (check the Amazon reviews. The MPC recognizes this memory, and it works great, but only reads the Akai limit of 128mb)

Here are the issues at hand:

A. It powers up, but shows either a blank screen or the mythical, “CPU Address Error (read)/ stack dump/ Illegal stack pointer.” It has, very intermittently, powered up normally, but I have not been able to reproduce this.
B. “Q” slider button 1 has dislodged, and is loose inside.
C. “Q” slider 2 is missing the slider.
D. There are various scratches and such about. The left side end cap appears a bit askew.

I have tried the following remedies:

1. Running memory checks.
2. Reinstalling operating system on CF card (not included).
3. Buying new memory (included), in an attempt to bypass the internal memory. Also ran memory checks on this. three out of four times I ran it, it checked okay. The last time (today) the fourth pass failed, so I don’t know what that’s all about. 4. Calling Akai and their recommended repair facility (TSI repair; very friendly). They both told me to do what I had done on my own.
5. Lighting candles, playiing soft music, and tenderly caressing the sampler. In case you were wondering, this did not work, though we did share a magical evening. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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