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Akai MPC 1000 Project Machine

Monday Dec 31, 2018

” Used and functional MPC 1000 that is having an issue with the CF card. Everything else is working: All inputs, outputs, buttons, knobs, faders, etc like they should, but I can’t seem to get the CF card to work. The MPC recognizes the card, but it won’t read/ save from the card. Sometimes it will freeze up when a card is inserted. Without the card in, it works like it should. I checked, and no pins are bent in the card reader. I’ve tried three different cards, and the issue still happens, so I don’t think it’s the card either. I took out the ram, and that didn’t help. I tried to install a new OS, but it won’t load off the card. I’m honestly not sure what the issue (software / hardware) is, but maybe somebody with more technical knowledge about MPC’s can fix it if they’re familiar with the problem.

Because of this issue, I have to sell the MPC as is. Just assume the card reader / card will not work and you won’t be able to save / load from the CF card.

Includes power cable, USB cable, and 2 CF cards. ”
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