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Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

Tuesday Sep 8, 2020

“Akai Mpc 1000 BK Edition.

Mpc has :
-128mb akai oem ram
-mpc stuff pad upgrade kit
-hdd to sd adapter
-120gb internal sd (included)
-new metal style encoder (old one is in the bubble bag)
-new tact switches replaced
– JJOS PAID version

Also comes with:
12 new leds to replace stock ones (blue colored)
Big red tact switch replacements
Small tact switch replacements
Old encoder
2 new volume pots
2 new slide pots
New CF card ejector( forgot to replace when i did the pads)
New rubber feet
3 CF cards ( all 3 are 2GB)
Usb CF card reader
Power cable
Usb cable
1/4 L/R to headphone (to sample from phone or pc)

Now after reading all that, there is absolutely nothing wrong the unit. I got a smoking deal on a new setup and wont be needing it. I ordered all the parts because the shipping was the same either way and figured if one of the tact switches goes out im going to be pissed if i have to pay $8 shipping for a 25cent item. I had to replaced the down arrow and figured id just replace all the arrows while i had it open. I also replaced the jog wheel with a new metal style encoder as per the mpcstuff website. Works perfect and now its one click per move on screen vs 3 clicks per move on screen. JJOS is tied to the hardware id so it comes with the unit for life.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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