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Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM, 40GB HD

Saturday Jun 29, 2013

” I’m selling my MPC 1000. I hate to do it, but my job is forcing me on the road too much and I don’t get to use it as much as I’d like. Moving to an iPad + controller setup, so selling this and my Micron to help fund that switch.

This MPC is loaded. First, it has the new style pad sensors and a set of extra thick black pads installed. They feel great. Also included is a set of standard size black pads, if you prefer the standard style. Next, we have the RAM maxed out to 128MB and I installed a 40GB hard drive. I put a bunch of samples of mine on there and they will stay there for your use (about 5-6GB, I think). Last but definitely not least, the JJOS2XL operating system is installed. This OS is a HUGE upgrade from the standard operating system and adds a ton of functionality and ease of use to the machine. An MPC is just not the same when it doesn’t have the JJOS and this is one of the most advanced version of that operating system. These upgrades easily top the $500 mark. I’m also throwing in four CF cards to use with it.

The unit itself is in excellent condition, with little cosmetic wear. The screen is clear and works great. All the buttons are super responsive. I’ve owned a decent number of MPC’s in the past and have had machines with squishy buttons and them not doing anything when pressed. This unit has none of these issues and it makes for a much better experience. The white buttons have yellowed a bit, but are functionally perfect.

The unit comes in the original box (quite beat up, though), the power cord, the Akai manuals/docs, and 4 CF cards in the sizes of 32MB, 512MB, 1GB & 8GB.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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