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Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM, 80GB HD

Thursday Sep 3, 2020

“This original Akai MPC 1000 sampler/ drum machine is in excellent condition. It features the upgraded pad sensors, 808 style fat pads, newest JJOS2xl 3.69 (paid), new 80 GB hard drive.

The pads feel great, and the machine is responsive as you navigate the menu of JJOS and quickly load samples from the new Hitachi Travelstar hard drive. The CF card reader is perfect condition, with no bent/broken pins. The outputs are perfectly balanced, and every i/o is solid. The clear LCD window has some scratches, but I’m including a new one from

In my workflow, I primarily synced the MPC 1000 to Ableton Live via midi, programming my drums and easily recording that legendary MPC swing in tempo into my Ableton project. Sharing the same software as the MPC 2500, JJOS2XL is still a beast in standalone or hybrid setups.

– New Style 808 Thick Fat Pads (Upgraded Sensors)
– JJOS2XL 3.69 (Paid/Active)
– New 80 GB Hitachi Travelstar HDD

– Akai MPC1000
– Power Cord
– 1 GB Transcend CF
– USB Cord
– Additional: New (Blue) Screen Cover”

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