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Akai DPS12

Monday Sep 11, 2017

“Vintage AKAI Digital Portable Studio 12, with kettle lead. Some cosmetic wear (red stain and broken button which could be glued), but in good working order. Running Version 2.0 but no JAZ drive as far as I’m aware, although external drives can be attached through the SCSI port.

This is from the manual, which can be read in full here:

The DPS12 has the following features:

• The DPS12 includes a hard disk recorder that enables you to perform 12-track recording/playback, and a 20-
channel digital mixer. You can record and mix down on a single DPS12 as if you were using a multitrack
• The DPS12 provides you with 12 recording/playback tracks (physical tracks) and 250 data storage tracks
(virtual tracks). Switching among virtual tracks that are assigned to physical tracks allows you to record
multiple takes of the same part or phrase and later select the best take for mixdown.
• The mixer section is fully loaded with EQ, Pan, two AUX sends, and Level capabilities. In addition to 12
TRACK MIX channels that control the output from the recorder tracks, 8 THRU MIX channels are available to
directly control input signals from the INPUT jacks.You can mix down the signal from a connected synthesizer,
tone module, and/or external effect processor while playing back 12 tracks on the recorder section”
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