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Akai MPC 2000 Project Machine

Wednesday Nov 6, 2019

“Vintage Akai MPC 200 for parts/repair.

This was a flea market find and was in horrible condition. I fully disassembled this unit, thoroughly cleaned it inside and out, and reseated all of the ribbon cables and molex connectors, and cleaned all of the rubber pad contacts with 91% alcohol.

There are a few things I know are wrong with it. The rest, if any, I have no idea. I can’t use this unit or test it properly to see what all works.

For sure bad:
-Screen. It is totally garbled when it is on and is useless. It needs replacing.
-Slide potentiometer. The slider shaft and knob are broken off and the whole slider itself will need replacing. The solder joints are broken, so it looks like the slide potentiometer took quite a hit when the shaft broke off.
-Floppy drive has the click of death and will need replacing.
-Various inner and outer screws missing. It holds itself together totally fine, but someone lost a bunch of screws for this thing at some point. If you’re going to be traveling or moving it around a lot, get some fresh screws to replace the missing ones.

There may be more wrong with it, but this is all I know for certain that is bad on this unit.

The good? It powers on and has been given a really nice deep clean. The rest will be up to the buyer to get this unit running.

It is a project, it is defective, and is being sold as is for parts or repair.”

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