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Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, External Zip Drive

Friday Nov 16, 2018

” Here’s a functional MPC 2000 Classic with a couple issues. The Screen is good, no lines or blur which is common with these units. All the buttons have been tested to function, but the down arrow button is tough. It requires a very hard press to get it to work. Sometimes you have to press the thing like 10 times to get it to fire off. The up arrow is slightly tough, but it works a lot better than the down arrow. Everything else seems to work fine.

When I first got the unit, drum pad 1 wasn’t working. I changed out the pads and they’re all working now, so hopefully all good. The plastic cover to the screen area came unglued, so it is duct taped to the frame from below. Some of the button colors are faded / mismatched because a couple were broken and needed replaced. All good now.

I was told the unit would freeze from time to time when I bought it, but I’ve never had trouble with it doing that to me. Has the max 32MB Ram installed. The unit is in rough physical condition, but it does work.

I’m including an external 100 MB Omega SCSI Zip Drive with the listing. The drive works perfectly with the MPC. It has the proper cable, power supply, and I’ve even created a boot disc that the MPC will boot off the zip drive. I’ve got a ton of blank zip disks I’m including with the listing. I also have a floppy boot disk with the OS and some blank floppy disks I’m including also. ( The MPC 2000 has an installed floppy drive).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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