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Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, External Zip Drive Project Machine

Thursday Jun 27, 2019

“The system was last used by myself about a year ago, and was put in the closet after the pads went out. After pulling it back out, It still comes on, and everything seems to function fine, although the pads still do not work. Ive never actually used the 8-outs(had them when i bought it) so i have no clue if they function properly. The last time i used the zip drive it worked flawlessly. THIS MACHINE HAS CLEARLY BEEN TAKEN APART MANY TIMES, AND THEREFORE MANY OF THE SCREW HOLES TO THE BODY ARE WORN OUT/STRIPPED. ALL SCREWS APPEAR TO STILL BE IN PLACE, BUT MANY ARE BARELY HOLDING. SLIGHTLY BIGGER SCREWS WOULD FIX THE ISSUE I WOULD ASSUME. THE LARGE SCREWS ON THE SIDES OF THE SHELL ARE STILL FIRM. Although many of the screws are loose, they seem to hold in place fine and there are no noticeable rattles. The problem is only apparent when you start taking the machine apart as they can be difficult to remove(the just sit there spinning). The Play/Start button is loose(see photos) but doesn’t appear to have any functionality problems.

Overall, the MPC comes on, boots up to 1.72, seems to go through the menus fine, and reads the zip drive without issues, otherwise no further testing is being done since the pads do not work.

Since i cannot test the MPC to the extent where i would feel comfortable labeling it as “used” I am instead selling it for PARTS ONLY, AS IS.


– 8 Outs EXPANSION (Not tested)

– 32Mb Ram Installed. (When received, the machine only showed half that, but after re-seating the ram it now shows 32mb as shown in the photos. I can not guarantee that is a permanent fix)

– Iomega Zip Drive with 1 zip disk. Appears to work and be recognized by the MPC

-Pads do not work. They slowly quit working. I assume a pad replacement will fix this issue, but cannot guarantee it.

-Screen/LCD shows clear signs of wear, but displays information just fine.

-System boot floppy disk 1.72 included”

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