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Akai MPC 2000XL with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, EB-16, Internal Card Reader

Monday Nov 4, 2019

“Akai MPC 2000xl.. fully maxed out:
-8 individual outputs card so you can track parts separately
-EB16 effects board, add reverb/delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, etc all within the MPC2000xl
-full 32mb (maximum) memory
-compact flash card reader (can read/write CF cards up to 1gb)

I am also including a 1GB CF card. if you get a USB CF card reader (you can get on cheap on amazon etc) you can drag and drop samples from your PC onto the card and play them through the MPC. and if you get the (free) 2KXL software, you can drop all your samples and choose which pad and bank you want them on, it will save it as a PGM file and will open up the same in the MPC which saves a lot of time.

The MPC is in 100% perfect working order, I use it almost every day in the studio, all pads and knobs work perfectly, screen is clear with no issues. it’s in very good physical condition, beautiful machine and I hate to see it go. there’s many MPCs on ebay but you don’t often see one with all the bells and whistles like this including the FX board which is very cool.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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