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Akai MPC 3000 Project Machine

Saturday Aug 12, 2017

“Please read the entire description before bidding………. Akai MPC 3000 ” Roger Linn ” V-3.03 era machine up for grabs. This machine needs some TLC and is being sold AS IS with no return. I am no MPC expert but I went though the machine the best I could and this is what I found.

Confirmed Not working…………. Data entry button number 2, Curser Buttons, Real Time and transport button bank, soft keys are intermittent, Display Light.

Other issues……….. Movement in the Real Time and transport button bank when buttons are pressed, Data Slider Cap missing, Broken “stop” transport button, Screw on scsi port missing , Has a small plastic part rattle inside the case.

Not tested………..Pads, Passing Audio ” No Sounds”, Floppy Drive,

Yes it needs work but it’s a very expensive machine on the used marked once it’s brought back to life. I have not opened the unit and you’re getting it just as I received it. The machine seems solid and is in good cosmetic condition for it’s age. My description is honest and I spent a fair amount of time to make sure I covered everything. Having said that it’s likely I did not catch everything and you will discover other minor issues as the machine is being restored. This machine is a good buy if you know how to work on them and invest the time. Packing will be top notch. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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