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Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition # 0481 with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

Monday Jun 11, 2018

“Fully maxed out MPC 3000 limited edition with CF card reader, 32mb RAM, Vailixi 3.5 OS, and bright/clean screen.

I love this machine. I’ve been an MPC user all my life and the MPC 3000 is the best of the best.

Everything works properly and had been inspected and restored by Bruce Forat. I have used and tested this device and it’s flawless.

Note: The casing had some scratches and a crack to the top left side panel. None of the cosmetic problems effect the performance, sound, or playability of the unit at all. I wanted to replace with custom wood panels, but they have been hard to come by lately. If you are looking for a cosmetic upgrade, you can find normal MPC 3000 side panels on ebay for pretty cheap. See photos for details on the scratches.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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