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Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition # 1264 with Internal Zip Drive

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017

” This is number 1264 of the legendary Akai MPC3000LE (limited-edition), one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) sampling drum machines of all time. I originally bought it when I was working for a hip-hop production studio in Los Angeles, where it was used on some great productions, and always treated with care and reverence.
This machine also has a ZIP drive (and comes with a small selection of great ZIP discs). It runs on U.S. voltage, so if you intend to use it in the U.K./Europe you will need a transformer. Since its importation from the U.S. four years ago, it has been used in a clean, smoke-free recording studio in East Anglia. This is a very reluctant sale, but in recent years I find that I have not been using this MPC as much as it deserves, and would prefer it to be used more frequently by somebody who appreciates its legacy and will enjoy the unique sonic aesthetic that it can bring to music production of all genres. This machine, like others including the SP-12 and the Roland TR-808, is becoming more and more sought-after and valuable as the years go by, and as a limited edition is even more collectable.
Comes with a hard case for transportation, and original manual.”

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