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Custom Akai MPC 4000

Monday Feb 24, 2020

“This MPC overall is in very good condition, and is in great working order. You will be the only one with this uniquely customised MPC4000.

The unit includes a CD-ROM(which reads/loads quite quick), 256Mb RAM, and Effects, and this has a one-off design thats inspiring to work with. If you are into hardware music production, and want an alternative to a computer, then this is the only real serious option as far as hardware can get to sequencing all your gear, with many editing features you would find in a DAW, and editing and performance features you probably wouldn’t find in any other sequencers or a DAW, as well as having a full fledged Akai Z series sampler and MIDI controller with event sequencing, WOW.

The library of CDs included:

11 Korg M3 CDs
7 Motif XS CDs
5 Dave Smith CDs
5 Alesis Andromeda CDs
Some Bonus CDs
A CD of EMU Sounds
And Sound Effects CD

There is no hard drive, as it was removed, as the USB is much more useful to back up your work to, via a USB stick/flash drive etc. There are no other options installed.(Note it does not come with a power cord). Sold As Is.”
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