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Akai MPC 500 Project Machine

Tuesday Jun 11, 2019

“In decent condition. One small crack in the screen at the top (doesn’t affect use). Buttons and pads working fine – some of the buttons which had worn out (eg. cursor buttons) have been replaced with new ones, and has had a new data wheel fitted, as well as some foam pads under the wheel to prevent it bending/breaking (common with these machines!)

However does have an issue, therefore is listed as for spares or repair. The main volume knob doesn’t function – it’s permanently stuck on full (however, master volume can be set internally on the OS, in 6dB increments, so an easy workaround). The record gain pot also is crackly/intermittent and has to be kind of held down to properly work. It’s probably an easy fix with a soldering iron but I’m not savvy enough with electronics to attempt this.

Comes with original box, USB cable, manual. (power lead not included)”
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