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Akai MPC 5000 with 120GB HD, DVD-ROM Drive

Friday Jun 19, 2020

“This listing is for a custom MPC 5000. It’s a great machine and can hang with newer MPCs in most ways and is actually better in some ways. There is a kingston 120 gb solid state drive installed. With this being in there the unit runs virtually silently. I loaded about 90 gigs of samples leaving 28gb free. I have a custom carry bag for it. The bag is loose so I put padding in there to make it snug and more protected. Also included is 2 16 gb compact flash cards and a case for them, a regular power cord, another 15 foot power cord, a USB B cable, and the full manual printed in a binder.

The Good:
– It’s built like a tank – super durable
– Workflow is very fast with multiple approaches
– All functions are done with buttons so no mouse to slow the process down
– Display is clean with no scratches
– All pads, buttons, knobs, and faders work
– All inputs and outputs work
– Stable software – crashed on me only two or three times in the 3+ years I’ve had it
and that was probably because of the .wavs I was trying to load
– CD/DVD Drive – Sampling from a CD sounds great, can burn a disc quickly to test out mixes
– Built in Arpeggiator and Synth surpass what is on newer MPCs right now (imho)
– On top of all the midi tracks you get 8 audio tracks which you can bounce down to open up more tracks
– Has pretty good built in FX, a master EQ, and a mastering compressor
– The SSD I installed makes it silent. A lot of people complain about the noise of the factory hard drive
– You can absolutely do a complete mix on this without ever touching a DAW and export the song as a .wav

The Bad:
– Data transfer is slow. USB 2. No way around it. With smaller files I would copy them to a disc or a CF card then
use the MPCs internal browser to copy them to the SSD. With larger files use the USB B to PC connection
– The leftmost fader is bent slightly right but works just fine
– Has various small scuffs and scratches
– Use of effects can be limited
– CF cards are a dated format but work just fine
– Carry bag was “custom” for MPCs but is loose
– Shipping will be expensive”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

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