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Akai MPC 5000 with 192MB RAM

Sunday Nov 11, 2018

“So i finally have to sell my 5000.To say im a big fan of this machine is an understatement.Its the precursor to the MPC X,the Original.The last heavy metal cased hardware MPC.From the general sound with filters,effects ect its pretty raw and present.Has its own character.Ive added a fresh 120 gig SSD drive internally which works perfectly and did the tape mod on the pads which has totally increased their sensitivity so full range of velocities from 1 up to 128 ‘consistently’ across the whole set.Try doing that on any of the new akai machines and controllers.Impossible.192 ram also.Ive just sanded down the Oak sides and oiled them.Looks amazing,very attractive/unique looking box i have to say.
This machine has not skipped a beat or glitched or misbehaved in any way since ive been using it.Its also has a mean 3 osc virtual Analog synth on board that can be fully edited via the Q links and sliders.Once you understand it its a very cool handy synth. C/w old but protective hard case for shipping” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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