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Akai MPC 60II with SCSI

Saturday Jan 11, 2020

“Hello everyone, I’m selling one of my toys so I can continue pursuing my music dream abroad. The unit is in good working order, all the buttons work and the OS upgrade i put in myself is stable. The floppy drive works HOWEVER sometimes errors can happen that’s why the SCSI upgrade was put in also by me, it works but i am keeping my SCSI drive and zip disks so i can keep my beats. All you would need is to buy your own external SCSI zip drive or put in an internal one, you also would need to buy the adapter to put in an internal SCSI or an Internal flash card reader device. These devices should come with the adapter needed or are not expensive on their own, its just to convert the pins internally, but again this unit does have the SCSI upgrade board needed for the adapter. For those in Europe i can work out APO which is military shipping, that will help with the taxes. I took all of the those pictures to show the cosmetic wear however all of this damage was on the machine when I purchased it and is strictly cosmetic, none of it effect the functionality of the device. Personally i liked that it looked worn and it was always a conversational piece, everyone wanted to play with and see how the old cash register looking machine worked. Again i purchased it looking the way it does but i put in all the upgrades and added the backlight. The Led screen is readable but just starting to wear a bit you can tell in the pictures but is working just fine for now, if you adjust the knob you can make it look better but i want to show that it is just starting to wear, so you are not caught off guard, and there is one line forming on the screen at the top. Again the only reason i am selling is because i want continue my music career abroad and need to downsize but I cut a few dope jams on here and it’s hard to let her go! Ill set up the shipping once I know what region she is going too! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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