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MPC 60 II OS3.10 and RAM Expansion Board

Saturday Dec 27, 2008

Reasonable Buy It Now price

“Roger Linn’s 3.10 OS is installed and the memory is maxed out w/ a legitimate expansion board. This machine does not have the SCSI upgrade.

Floppy drive works great, pads feel good, sounds excellent.

Cosmetically, I would rate it an 8/10. There are some minor blemishes, the most obvious being that some of the finish is starting to wear off of the knobs.

There are three minor functional issues:

The volume knob is scratchy in a certain part of it’s range when rotated quickly.

The backlight is dead although the display is still completely readable.

The data slider does not move quite as smoothly as it did on the other 60 I owned. It is 100% functional though.” Link

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