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Akai S01

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

“This vintage sampler comes from the early 1990s, an age when sampling had become a huge part of pop culture and its music. Though an entry level machine, this model came loaded features rich with eight banks and eight polyphony. Samples can be triggered from one of eight front buttons, a foot pedal, or one of two selectable midi jacks. The unit can also be used as a two input midi router with midi out and through. The unit is great for rap artists who are looking for that vintage beat loop. beat box sound. Though mono it records at above CD quality 16 bit 32 kHz vs. CD quality 16 bit stereo 44.1 kHZ (8 bit per channel). All controls are front panel accessible with an easy learning curve. If you are looking for a high quality vintage loop sampler that is easy to operate and doesn’t require a computer this is the unit for you. Also great for turning any sound into a musical instrument and an inexpensive way to enter the world of sampling. Comes with several discs of samples including original factory disc. All set to go just needs standard computer AC power cord which can be picked up inexspensivly at radio shack.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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