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Akai S20 with 16MB RAM

Wednesday Nov 7, 2018

“Akai S20 sampler, not seeing amuch use for me these days but still a great and crunchy sounding cheap way to get into hardware sampling. Has the 16mb memory upgrade installed, and comes with a generic power supply. Reads 3.5″ floppies, which are easy enough to get hold of, but I’ll send a couple of new blank ones with it to get you started. Everything works fine, one of the rear RCA outputs crackles a bit if you move it, but is generally stable. A previous owner stuck a sticker on the side, but I never bothered to take it off. They also smoked, and after many years in my studio the smell has almost gone, although every so often, if you lift it up and sniff the right bit, you can still smell a little bit of fust. Generally, however, it behaves itself on the smell score.”

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