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Akai S3000 with 10MB RAM

Sunday Aug 27, 2017

” Well used Proper Sampler if your reading this then I’ll assume you searched and know what your looking at here. An original made in Japan S3000.

It’s had a lot of use over the years I brought it from a studio who produced jungle back in the day.

Same sound hardware as an mpc3000 so basically add some midi pads and sequencer and there you are a beast of 16bit sampling gear.

It’s got 8 outs plus a stereo pair on xlr or jacks.

Running OS1.01 but the floppy drive works fine so get ya Sen an updated os and deep the benefits.

On boot up it says 5 mwords fitted so I think this means it’s got 10meg of ram.

Only real problem is the back light is fading though it’s still there and quite adds to the vintage look.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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