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Akai S900 Sampler

Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

These fab machines have featured on countless records, and are still much loved and in use today. If you are reading this you’ll probably already know that even though they are 12bit, so on paper quite ‘lo-fi’ by today’s standards, and the maximum sampling time is quite short, they have a really nice, clean, gutsy ‘in your face’ sound. Couple this with the good sounding filters, 8 separate assignable outputs and ease of use and you have a brilliant groove machine. Check what people say on Harmony Central….

I used it for all kinds of stuff from drums to backing vocals and strings and I’ll be including a large part of my old sample library on floppy discs.

There are about 25 discs of assorted real drums and sampled classic drum machines and percussion, plus lots more discs of basses, some vocals, piano, brass, strings and orchestral stuff.

It comes with the version 2 software on a disc that you insert in to the drive before booting up, which increases the functionality. I have also included a back up copy of this (though you don’t need to use it, it helps with sampling from scratch) . There is also the sample library, manual and power lead – all come packed in the original box.

The machine was kept in my old studio all it’s life, though it has been in storage for a while. The display backlight is now not working but the display is still easy to read. I understand that this is very common with these units and probably quite easy to fix. When I turned it on to test it I noticed that the volume knob had a bit of a crackle but still worked fine once set. Initially some of the discs would not load but as they haven’t been used in a long time it’s not surprising. After a small tap on the edge of each corner they all loaded up perfectly. I tried nearly every disc I am supplying and all loaded up and worked as expected. (Some of the discs have lots more samples on than the S900 can hold in one go, so remember to load individual programs or sounds in this instance)

This classic unit is around 25 years old, and though it all seemed to work just as I remembered, there could be some issues with it that I have not spotted in my quick check, and it might be prudent to get it serviced at some point. As a result I am selling it as-is (working, but not fully tested) with no returns. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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