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Akai S950

Sunday Nov 30, 2014

s590” This S950 hasn’t been used since we closed our studio. We lost the power cable, so just got one from Europe and put a UK plug on it. If it sells outside the UK, it will be sent with a power cable with a Schuko connector.

Standard memory size, has the later v1.02 software in it. See the third pic for a boot-up shot .Working fine, including the floppy drive. We’ve recorded a sample , stored It to disk , and reloaded it without any issues.

Like most of the the s950 samplers the display is darker than it was when it was new, but it’s legible ( see third pic..) and if you want, you can easily put in one of the modern pretty-coloured and bright displays from eBay, and a lot of S950 owners seem to be replacing the floppy drive with an SD card unit,which you can also get on eBay.

The options bay blank metal cover plate is missing on the back panel. See the pic…I think there might have been a drum trigger card in there at some point.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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